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  1. "We will update you as soon as humanly possible " .....I almost peed myself a little bit...funniest joke of the year so far
  2. Nope, they just use a spray can of RAID around the office , that's how they address the bugs
  3. You guys have done such a great job managing this game and keeping people's interests at peak that now you have what...10? ....20? people coming on forums with any suggestions or ideas...or anything for that matter....and you ask for feedback? Seriously? Your track record speaks volumes when it comes to you listening to feedback from players, is actually very amusing. Not trying to be negative or anything just stating facts and please stop pretending that you care and ACTUALLY care, thanks and have a good day
  4. This shows how much they care and appreciate the community.
  5. Maybe they are trying to keep the few people left in aion from going to new world that releases on the 28th.
  6. I would also like to know the answer to this,would be nice to know but I'm not getting my hopes up...seems that lately hardly any questions get answered here
  7. Had crafted 3 skill books on 3 characters none of them got mail yet for the craft parts only the enchanting stones..just saying, not sure if it will come on a different mail or whatever
  8. ...is conducting a study on how much crap people can take in an online game before they quit and sell the results to other gaming companies and that's how they make their money..is the only explanation..there is no way to do everything wrong every single time...it's done on purpose..it looks this way
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