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  1. Well, I'm levelling my character but now in Lakrum I have no campaigns or quests to do so I could receive the accessories that were ready before this last update! I only had a rest of a few weeks with my family and now I have no idea what to do, nice job AION!
  2. I just started to play my chanter again, after a few weeks rest, and she does not have the campaign/quests in Lakrum anymore! I got a new (nice) armour set for free but without the lost quests I cannot get all the accessories. My character still has the items of level 50, beside the two you get with the free armour set. So, now how do I get accessories without the brokers? I have not enough kinas to buy anything there.
  3. You made my day thx. <3 I am still waiting for them to fix the black eye bug. Almost all my characters have this "illness" and I cannot play with any of them....please do something about it, it has been so very long.
  4. Thanks so much, you saved my insanity! I have no idea why on the map it says that point is the entrance to lower udas.
  5. I hope someone can help me find the entrance to this temple. I wasted so much time to find this place but whatever is on the map is not there! I went everywhere around the place indicated on the map but I did not find the supposed entrance, where is it? It's so easy on the Elyos side why they make it so hard on Asmos side it is driving me crazy! Okay, I know it's hard for a female to read a map correctly but this starts to look like a bad joke. Is there an entrance to the lower Udas where the map says or it is just me that is hopeless? I'm going to bed I have lost so much time trying
  6. Thanks for helping me. Sorry about the pic I'm trying to get a better one. I thought that when you reach the right level and a stigma slot is due/free/ready you get a mailed message and a book which tells you to go to the stigma master to get the stigma you received implanted, has this changed? Now you need to go and buy the stigma every time you are ready until all 6 slots are filled?
  7. Okay I started to play again and my character has two empty slots for stigmas, but I cannot find any NPC who's selling stigmas. I thought that your character will get the stigmas automatically in your backpack so what has changed with the last patch? I just get the book that explains what stigmas are and what to do with them....things that I knew already but no stigmas! Is this a bug? Can someone tell me what to do because I have no idea how to get the stigmas now and I do not wish to waste my time trying to find a seller....I run everywhere and wasted lots of my playing time and at the e
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