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  1. New Enchanting System Changes

    Can we get a screenshot of the power shards prices? Pretty please.
  2. This is a strategy soon you will see daevonium skill books on shop probably. And they dont tell when they nerf stuff, its like a ninja nerf;
  3. Golden Shugo in FM

    No, they surely nerfed shugos, this company is not transparent at all when the subject is nerfs.
  4. Golden Shugo in FM

    Confirmed by who?
  5. Start Petition

    Yeah i support a petition, its time to know if ncsoft is aware of how ridiculous the game is managed by ncwest
  6. New Prestige Pass 6.2

    15 dollars for a daily ancient kibrium and 20% extra gp in siege imo not worth unless you play in EK and want to raise the ranks
  7. Priorities

    They said in twitter that shugolings gems were being inserted every hour still, and from snowballs i only got transformation scrolls no shugolings
  8. Priorities

    If they can remove the npc and add npc in a 30min maintenance why the nyerk not put a nyerking npc with shards at 16k per 1000? Do we need to teach a company how to work in their own game?
  9. Priorities

    I guess it was to remove the shugoling gem npcs and we were still receiving the shugolim gems per hour
  10. Priorities

    How do you guys take the server down for maintenance so quickly to remove something that might help players and when we ask for something even simpler take 3 months to fix? @Cyan @Hime @Gideon
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    Thanks /10char
  12. List of Issues for 6.2

  13. Luna prices

    So, i was checking vashiro stream and i saw retunning stats with luna cost around 2 luna, and the luna buff in instances cost 10. Here in NA the retunning cost 160 and the luna buff in instances cost 80. Any reason to NA be so much more expensive? Do we get more luna than europe when we buy luna bundles in order to compensate the prices?
  14. Wow a company that really reach to players? Where can we teach ncwest to act and work like that?
  15. Housing

    I see the prices have been dramastic lowered, the maintenance fee stay the same as the tooltip shows? 16m for palace, 4m for estate, 2m for mansion?