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    Its based on your physical attack
  2. Great Event

    Probably wont be any change till wednesday
  3. New snowball item

    Please, no gear in events, that would definelly kill aion.
  4. Ncwest team.

    Can we send a letter from aion NA community to ncsoft in korea, to tell them how things are bad here and if they are aware of it?
  5. Ncwest team.

    One things get me mad tho, how they fix BCM bugs/ glitches so fast? Remember when we used to do rank S luna afk and that got fixed in the next maintenance? I wonder if only fix things that make us enjoy the game, what the actual nyerk.
  6. Ncwest team.

    Uhhh, been more than 24 hours since aion community demonstrate frustration and anger towards all the things that is happening right now, we feel like aion is a side job to the ncswest team. No answers, no clarifications. We had a major thread about all the problems aion is having right now, we had 0 answers from ncwest team to our pleads, yet we find this wednesday that none of them was adressed. Most of the things we ask is really simple to do, you don't need permission from korea to do such things, some might need a patch that korea have to do for us (dunno why we have devs then). In EK we have a QA online almost every night, he gather information and answer most of the players, even most of them are just salty and ironic which theres no reason to be. I ask you now. Whats the point of having a QA online if none of our concerns is heard? I feel sorry for him doing all the hard work hearing mad people with pitchforks and have to deal with it. The problem is, he can't do much because he has no power for it, he even tried to mass dc bots but they just come back. Two days ago he said he can't ban any of the bots because he need proof like video and whatsoever, i mean even a new player these days know how to see if someone is botting or not. I don't know why he doesn't have the power to ban bots, i feel like theres something behind the reason because theres absolutely NO REASON to not give him the power. Enough of wall of text. I think aion community deserve some answers, even if is a big NO to our pleads, we would like to know how ncwest team handle our requests, how things run in ncwest aion sector. Because in my head i see an empty place that sometimes someone show up to update bcm items and simple leave the game "Aion" sector. We deserve answers, most of our concerns take months to be fixed and once that is fixed we get a new patch that bring up twice the amount before. Dont let this game die duo to the community disbanding it, because in every player opinion seems like ncwest wants to shut down aion. Thanks.
  7. Nothing to do basically.

    6.2 is not alt friendly.
  8. Again, ncwest clueless how to run aion.
  9. Nothing to do basically.

    I do have couple alts that i run coe with friends, got like 3 ancient contract from it but nah not into doing in 8 chars to combine my transformations with no sucess.
  10. Nothing to do basically.

    Ikr, they should hire someone to look for things like that, make things more enjoyable. I do PF for skins/kinah as duo, IDD i think its too much trouble to not even get an item for me. Its a casual game for hardcore players, sounds weird but its true, if you dont have an army of alts theres nothing much to do in the game. What you mean? I dont get it.
  11. Abyss Relic Exchange Location and ETC

    Theres a npc exchange in panda/sanctum Panda is near the broker way, sanctum i haven o idea since im an asmo.
  12. Nothing to do basically.

    So, apart from the pvpve instances that we get 1 time per day, daily pvp quests and some random world pvp theres nothing much to do. We have 5 BoS and 5 FM to run in 7 days. Why?? Instances now are pve only, why does it matter so much we run so few instances per week? Why not increased the number of entrys so we actually have something to do in our weekdays? I know that luna is on bcm and people buy it to reset instances, afaik thats where ncsoft get most of the money. But how they going to make money if basically the entire database of aion quit due to being afk in lakrum? I have couple sugestions dunno if the devs can actually implement them but worth the shot. 1 -Would be awesome if luna bundles could go to broker so most people can actually buy it without paying real money for it, huge part of the database can't pay real money unfortunally, but they can actually buy from other players who can spend money on it. 2 - Increase instances entrances (pve only) by 3 or 4 and 5 if you have prestige pack. 3 - Put some random loot on last bosses in instances like power shard bundles, consumable bundles (food drink etc) that will make people still go to instances instead of quitting due to already having the gear. Im sure theres alot more things to make it smoother and make aion more enjoyable.
  13. Duda

    Donde está lá biblioteca?
  14. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Rofl /10chars
  15. The Elephant in the EK Room

    The amount of people beating PF thanks to the luna buff is at minimum laughable.