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  1. sudden server shutdown

    I wish that we had an announcement about it ... lol I can't beleive that we the players need to notify them about this .
  2. sudden server shutdown

    We got S rank from FT and as soon as we killed kromede the server notification appeared. We had 1 minute to go in the room and loot but since the server notification pop'ed it somehow disabled the npc to spawn so we couldnt reach the treasure room .
  3. Arena of Discipline Entries

    Now im not even sure you understand what im talking about .
  4. PSA: XP events and XP amulets stack multiplitively

    Cake buff does not stack with exp amulets. So much time wasted trying to calculate the exp rates ..... lol cake buff doesnt stack with exp amulets poor you , you wated so much time on your calculator
  5. Arena of Discipline Entries

    PVP damages is mitigated when there is a large difference in levels you should do the test and you will see.
  6. Berdin's Lucky Star Nerfed?

    Does anyone has numbers with before and after with a single star because I feel like my bar depletes as fast as before and it requires more start to fill the bar.
  7. Is XP Event Bugged?

    The crucible exp reward are like exp reward from a quest I beleive and exp amulet or buffs from the event wont affect it. The only way to increase your exp from the crucible is from berdin star but I may be wrong.
  8. Arena of Discipline Entries

    You havent read what I said I think because I said that there should be a system that normalize the gear something blade and soul does already . In blade and soul the only difference level gives you is to have more skills available but other than that stats and skill damage are the same regardless of your level.
  9. Arena of Discipline Entries

    I personally find the matching of arenas particularly unfair. Sometimes you will be matched versus the player who is much lower level than you with much less gear and experience in PVP and other times you get the opposite, people are so high level you can't even hit them at all. In my opinion, there should be a somewhat system that normalizes your gear/stats so that both parties has an equal chance of winning.
  10. Incoming european immigrats to NA? o.O

    Do you know what to word immigrant stands for?