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  1. Aion is running on fumes. They don't have the resources to continually making new skins to sell, so instead they're going to lease the skins you already bought. Reselling old content is cheaper than paying developers to come up with something novel. NC has made the same mistake that all publishers seem to be making these days. They see falling revenue as players naturally move on to newer titles and respond with mechanics meant to increase profit per player at the expense of actual enjoyment of the game. This works in the short term as revenue stabilizes, but player retention plummets due
  2. Luna? Odd way to spell Manastone Fasteners. You're so kooky
  3. @MechEagIe-DN tell us what you got! We need to know for science!
  4. I dont believe there's ever been a surprise event in Aion history. There have been many times where they've given a generic "a new event will start, details will be released after the patch" but to my knowledge they've never straight up dropped one without notice. I mean, I hope they do because the current event is absolute (t)(r)(a)(s)(h) (stop censoring this to rubbish, wtf? this isn't a swear word and I'm not british.), but I don't think they will.
  5. Bonus points if slow progress is blamed on "the holiday" that was three weeks ago or "the holiday" that's still two weeks away. We all know how workers get the last 6 weeks of the year off, right?
  6. So we're only paying 28.5 times as much. It's practically a steal!
  7. Oh boy, can't wait to spend $20 to lose stats! It's classic NC entertainment! What a joke
  8. If I'm doing the math right in my head, that's basically $2 a retune, yes?
  9. I opened 12 and got two legendary daevanion skill book chests, some PvP or PvE enchantment stones (didn't pay much attention), 5 transformation contracts, and a solorius weapon box
  10. You have to use the editor from: http://rainy.ws/downloads/1432/ Run as an administrator, hit load, select the cfg file, put in that line, save, then go find the file, right click, select properties, and check the 'read only' box so Aion won't rewrite your changes. I personally didn't notice a difference though.
  11. I see. Well, the change seems to be saving even without launching from a bat, so it all worked out in the end anyway!
  12. So I've been trying to fix this issue with Aion giving me massive frame rate drops during sieges, even as CPU and GPU usage remains low. Apparently Aion does not do native multi-threading and works mainly off of a single core, hence bottle-necking during sieges. Well, I came across an old forum thread on EU from 2015 that claims to fix this issue by adding r_MultiThreaded = "1" to the system.cfg file (I'm skeptical, but worth a shot). The problem is that in order to keep the change from being rewritten when the game is launched is to launch it from a bat file; which I have absolutely no idea h
  13. Given that Cyan has said we should expect fewer events going forward specifically because they want to avoid the economy being event driven, I think events will give mostly passive buffs (drop rate, ex, pve boost, ect) or untradeable drops (enchantment stones, stigma enchants, instance entry scrolls). I'd be surprised if we get a kinah making event right out of the gate. Though, I guess NC has never been good with sticking with a plan.
  14. I always get annoyed losing an ID even with complete PvP dominance. Like today we had 28 kills to their 1 but still lost 7k points to 10k because they got kunax kill credit. I'd suggest either lowering his point value or changing it to match DPS contribution. As in if you do 51% of damage, you get 51% of the points rather than 100. Otherwise what's the point of the PvP at the start? Just have kunax spawn immediately and skip the first couple minutes of time-wasting nonsense.
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