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  1. We know that they are mainly dumb just dont let them went through you , lets forget about them this year they consume us a lot of times. If the rewards is bad , i think you deserve a better reward by your releasing your self to their grasp. just kidding f*** them~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT STILL F*** YOU TO YOUR DEVELOPMENT TEAM WHO THINKS MAINLY DUMB AND PUTTED USELESS REWARDS .. YOU IDIOMS EVEN YOU PUT THAT ALL SKINS IN BCM TO TEST IF ANYONE WANTS IT YOU WILL JUST DISAPPOINT YOUR SELVES ... YOU MOTHER FATHER GENTLEMEN !! DON'T RUIN EVERYONES HOPE !! WHERE TF IS YOUR LIST THAT MAINLY DIDNT EVEN
  2. You just need to die and everything will be back to as it is.
  3. disconnect DN too .. i know they would love that ^.~
  4. I don't hate aion . I just hate their so called development team that even them don't understand what development means, Look at us in 7.7 but the rewards are 6.0ish , we need to complain a lot before they notice whats wrong , they even have to get 4-5 meetings before things change.In my opinion they shouldn't hire people who are unqualified to be in development due to they stop developing and just copy pasting everything. Dude its not our fault that you are in big company like really? Its your companies fault that they hire 1 people that lacks of idea to do everything for them.
  5. when you play it and experience bug damn sucks ... that event is full of bugs when you got high ping specially the 1st jumping area when u resets even you didnt fall !! "." well its NCSOFT i dont expect much but just saying..
  6. thats so far away to be disappointed
  7. This lots of complains and still no fix for rewards? they extend the maintenance i hope they are planing to change something
  8. Remember when their anniversary event sucks and just got ultimate xform rewards and they didnt acknowledge us ? I don't think they would change a bit here cause they want us to suffer too due to they suffer to their company, yes this is the worst event ever created . A lot of people are complaining about it but they are trying to blind eyeing this. Aion is not their priority : Look at the bugs around still remain for ages , So as if they care about the players playing the game . I thought the new management will do something but still we stuck in this endless loop of money greed and we f
  9. this was heard but do they listen ? LOL if you play too long you know the answer is : NO !!
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA love the edit ... NCSOFT should hire you . i think they need more honest people out there..
  11. is it just me or the rewards is 6.0 lol legendary manastone .. i dont need a covid vaccine right now.. i need a vaccine for stupid devs who creating events without even know what they are copy pasting from korean version..
  12. Their so called team of studevs people are brain dead and just a zombie machine of NCSOFT to prioritize . 1. Money 2. Money 3. Money 4.Money Pin bugs = since 7.0 ( Their reason of not fixing if they change anything about it . it might cause more problems, like wtf lol they are there to fix things not reason us out by their incapability of fixing things that should be easier if they just hire a proper programmer not an arrogant retarded devs everything will be fixed) Server bugs = since when we mostly forgot but it keeps happening over and over again and their quick fix are not tr
  13. -Why the que up for discipline is just for a hour long only? -Why is it putted along side the siege time demaha/fortress ? I think the time of the arena of discipline is weirdly planed or placed if it just last 1 hour can you guys please it put it in a good specific time ? Maybe a hour after siege? , The time is very limited for me cause of EC queing.. -Also yes i'am an alt luna farming in AOD , im not rich if an event come up i can only do more by using the luna i farm. (if your comment is irrelevant please F--- off)
  14. Lol many friends of mine quit along time ago and went back.. They asked me for advice on what things they could do.. told them save your time and energy and reuninstall .. Aion we loved are covered alot by add ons that its now not clear if were trully playing aion anymore. Aion clasic is not a different thing its basically scamming people more and recreating the problems they have once created. 7.7 arrived but its alot of people are not yet geared well. -issues with +15 stigma still not helping free to play players. -issues with transformation gap still not being assisted for free to p
  15. i wish this ultimate transformation promotion is easy for the past event i lost like 78 ancient transformation = just got 1 legendary out of it / 15+ legendary transformation none even got the new legendary stuffs and stucked my luck to 10 normal legendary transformation. Thats a 3 week work of event with 12 alts running ESO/HM daily VT/SL/IDD/PF sometimes AOA ez/normal BE if necessary . 1300+ instances when i calculate it damn, enough reason to dislike the system they made but still love the game.. just imagine if people pays alot of money to get ultimate transformation damn thats worst may
  16. oh please sure , i dare you just make sure you are not easily scared when u truly see who can be the real evil among us.. its just an idea cause most of the skins who got over sold or used are not appreciated look those amazing golden sand traders skins .. limiting it and making it available for few people is a good thing like a year thing rather than nothing. Like you could wear all of them anyway . i got tons of collection of skins and buying them on brooker with high price is good if they are limited felt like good value for the collection since its a rare skin.
  19. Hahahahahaha the most happiest time of my live is during 5.0-5.8 its just a well balanced era even gear is hard or leveling is.. the class balance on that era is quite good !!
  20. But that things on that list isnt just the always main issue in aion.. i mean if u wanna improve ur sales why not make on a poll on which skins would players would love to see on sale for the week and make it purchase limited by players like top 1st 10-25 buyers only can purchase it. so it can still be rare also 1 per account/ip address only can purchase it to avoid hording = money money money for you .. just to make the skins seen around and appreciate the history of skins in aion."" "WE KNOW U GOT NO IDEA ON WHICH SKINS WOULD TOTALLY SOLD" , like i saw alot of not so great skins for sale in
  21. Lol it just mean its time to swap servers .. i dont mind having a bugless server hahahaha imagine ur doing luna and ur worried it might bugged.. no thank you ! The only thing that were all happy about when there is an instance event and it went bugged.. but if its regular day its mehh.. when NCSOFT get bugged its forever n ever bug .. just wait till another patch update.They cant fix anything look at their lives Hahahaha seeing them working at NCSOFT itself is kinda messed up.. Rehabilitation itself wont fix their brains they are far worst than addicts. Its like their last hope to live so dont
  22. thanks for fixing the server and messing up demaha siege really great thanks.. almost called out ur manager back there ^_~ -Love , Yuweh Karen of Katalam , Tamer of homonggoloids , Watcher of the humans .
  23. @Kibbelz @Loki after you fixed up your messed up lives please fix the server after .. thanks <3 its been 12hours already when it bugged and seems ur forgetting ur job again !!
  24. WAKEY WAKEY GOODMORNING !! FIX THE SERVER ALREADY its just 2 days before the event ends we need to finish some instances before it ends .. unless you gonna extend it which will be totally fine and great.
  25. Lol... this is how they are so slow fixing the bug thats why the bugs eat them alive.. PLEASE FIX IT!! WE got 2 days left and got tons of alts to run instances to claim the event !!!
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