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  1. How about fixing drop rates? i don't wanna wait 1 year to be geared with ultimate pve stuff, ence i don't see any point in investing any $$ since the drop rates will be exactly the same, in KR servers it works because players feel rewarded for their money, in NA/EU they don't. Ex.: IDD drops always at least 3 gear pieces + some enchantment stones, PF drops always at least 2 legendaries not including enchantment stones. This happens so players feel rewarded for what they do and the time they spent doing instances or grinding for everything else. So their player base is steady and they earn a lot of money for their dedication to their players, things that in NA/EU are non existent. No rewards for grinding instances, enchant rates are bad, event business model is bad. In overall this situation with a great update to 6.2 is being turned to a nightmare for both players and devs alike. BTW buying luna or prestige pack isn't rewarding also, this new patch is already very P2W, it doesn't need the nerf hammer from NA/EU business models, and also another thing, most of you player base is past their mid 20's since they started playing this in their teenage years, it is due to this reason KR made this patch like this, because most of us need to work, and the little time they can afford to spend on aion should be felt rewarded, not as much as someone who spends most of their days playing aion ofc, but they still need to feel rewarded, so that people don't need to spent hours and hours grinding, and this business model being implemented by NCsoft NA and Gameforge is a down right disrespect to those people, because it doesn't even rewards the players that spent literally over 20 hours a week on this game, which goes against what this patch was made for.
  2. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    tried it, didn't work.
  3. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    And we thought you guys were fixing bugs, where is the fix for BOS, the one that fixes the problem with the skill that is supposed to take down the shield but when used it does nothing, or the fact that the bosses randomly resets at random ocasions? where are those fixes? I'm sure you guys got quite a few tickets about these issues, how about a fix with item drops from bos to stay like in KR where you can get on a small chance a ultimate weapon? where are those bug fixes? this patch is not supposed to be grindy, it's supposed to be fast to get your pve stuff. Please Ncsoft NA, fix these problems or we will be back to 5.x with a lot less players, don't just copy strategies from Gameforge, it has been proven to not work over there.