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  1. Dear Guest Nexus, Could you quit your toxic whining, have you forgotten why Aion went to the F2P model already? That's right, because of the empty servers, and for quite a few years, it was successful with the F2P model, longer than it was with the P2P model. So instead of being a toxic member, why not try to be someone productive and come up with a way where both can co-exist. Or are you just a 10yo who has no idea of why P2P Aion began it's downfall?
  2. Edit: Regarding the AP rewards for F2P players, Players should not get AP from PVPing, only can get AP from quests, rewards from participating in sieges, and non PVP instances., (means you cannot participate in dredgion, and etc.)
  3. Also here is a thought for a good change for the F2P players Completely remove the 1H Siel's Buff Remove the drops, EXP, Kinah and AP restrictions Remove the trade/broker access to F2P accounts, and the economy issue should be solved.
  4. We will see, time will tell if these thousands of accounts will stay active for that long. Also don't forget, most of those that came from private servers, went there in the first place, because they didn't want to pay for subscriptions. L2Classic failed in NA, not in South Korea, they still have thousands of active players over there, same with Aion Classic. It's not the Korean business model that is failing (even tho they made some bad mistakes), it's the NA model.
  5. Hi, probably you won't get to use it until release, which should be on the 23rd
  6. They can, since you can still progress in game until LVL 10+, even this plan failed in early F2P Aion NA, if you don't remember that, you would need to do a tedious progression quest which took you over lvl 10+, so that you could talk in /3 chat and so on, you could barely get to even read normal people in chat, nowdays, gold spammer is barely an issue in normal F2P aion, which makes no sense since it's an extremely P2W game now, which is basically an invitation for gold scammers, and an even bigger point why forced paid subscription doesn't work nowadays. This paid plan will only make fo
  7. Ha, i guess they didn't. Just look at the F2P restriction, it's gonna be empty again after a couple of weeks, if it takes that much time.
  8. You guys seem to be forgetting that this buy the "Aura" plan failed on gameforge a very long time ago, they even had to make it treadable on the auction house, since they lost the majority of their players, so what fun is there to play a game that you have no one to play with, you will always need to have F2P access nowadays, even WOW is failing in the subscription plan. I don't totally disagree with the restrictions method but there has to be a better way to do this, like 75% for F2P and 125% exp for the paid plan, also doesn't make sense to restrict gear drop, since you already restrice
  9. How about fixing drop rates? i don't wanna wait 1 year to be geared with ultimate pve stuff, ence i don't see any point in investing any $$ since the drop rates will be exactly the same, in KR servers it works because players feel rewarded for their money, in NA/EU they don't. Ex.: IDD drops always at least 3 gear pieces + some enchantment stones, PF drops always at least 2 legendaries not including enchantment stones. This happens so players feel rewarded for what they do and the time they spent doing instances or grinding for everything else. So their player base is steady and they
  10. And we thought you guys were fixing bugs, where is the fix for BOS, the one that fixes the problem with the skill that is supposed to take down the shield but when used it does nothing, or the fact that the bosses randomly resets at random ocasions? where are those fixes? I'm sure you guys got quite a few tickets about these issues, how about a fix with item drops from bos to stay like in KR where you can get on a small chance a ultimate weapon? where are those bug fixes? this patch is not supposed to be grindy, it's supposed to be fast to get your pve stuff. Please Ncsoft NA, fix these proble
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