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  1. This is the sweatiest post I've ever seen
  2. A lot of legion mates have been complaining about the rates since this patch launched, I haven't noticed anything too different though.
  3. @Cyan please tell me you can atleast trade them through account warehouse now. I can see why NCsoft is making this change. They have a (very expensive) item on the cash shop that they want us to buy in order to open more boxes. The item is too expensive and we can just buy coins off the broker so I'd assume no one is buying alchemic essence. Saying this was a bug to begin with is an easy excuse to force players into buying the essence instead. I know you guys are pressured to milk as much cash as you can but this is a really scummy move.
  4. I recently ran a Pandora and won the roll on a legendary manastone bundle. Out of it I got a Magic Attack +20; a stone I wouldn't ever need as a ranger but someone else could use. @Cyan I would love your insight on why the decision to make manastones unable to be brokered or traded was implemented. What good does that do to the community and the economy? Hell, I can't even put them in my account warehouse for my alts to use. Seriously its a great stone thats only option is the rubbish. (edit: theres a filter on the word t.rash? really?) Considering NO MOBS EVEN DROP LOOT in open worl
  5. You actually think that Cyan, the community manager, made the development decision to nerf transform scrolls?
  6. The fact that the 6.5 enchant changes came through is proof that its possible for other QoL changes. I know this is NCSoft but I think even some confirmation that they've seen these suggestions or ones like it, and if they agree with them they'll suggest them to Korea... that'd look great for NCWest and would make a lot of players feel a bit better knowing they're on our side in a way.
  7. Why couldn't you see players participating? When the game was at its best you needed medals and AP for gear and xforms. The only way to get them was through pvp instances and open world pvp. There was open world pvp ALL over Gelk, Inggison, Reshanta, Silentera Canyon. People perma-kisked, pugs grouped up to make things a little easier if they weren't as good or geared. The game was full of action even when siege or dredge weren't up. If we implemented even 1 of my suggestions, the fragments from pvp dailies idea, the player base would react the same way they did in 2.X. They would start f
  8. I've realized theres a cycle that I and any other player trying to enchant their gear is most likely going through during this patch. There are only a couple of items in the game that are important, and they are used to acquire way too much of the content. Ancient Guiding Stones Ancient Kibrium Fighting Spirit Fragments AP Kinah Whatever part of gear progression you're doing, you need to use a combination of these mats. Morphing a Legendary PvP stone costs fragments which cost kibrium, guiding stones, kinah and AP. Then you use your PvP stones t
  9. I know you guys have a small team at NCWest and I sympathize with you there. But it's just confusing from a user standpoint why some of these issues are allowed to exist. I myself work full time at a tech start up with 5 others. We spend a long time hashing out each new feature we choose to develop. We are users of our own product so we are able to think from a users point of view; And when its pushed we receive a very large percentage of positive feedback. As for negative feedback, we listen to every bit of feedback we receive (Remember, listen does not mean implement) and decide if its
  10. Is this a serious response? Do you actually think thats a valid endgame? Running every instance 40 times a week for some transform scrolls? First off, red transform is obviously the strongest but it is in no way the only deciding factor in a fight. You can run every instance with ancient transforms, and it doesnt give enough stats compared to ancient to make a big enough difference in pvp, atleast not enough to make someone run hundreds of instances every since week just for a chance at it. The truth is, OP is right. Theres no real end game. You can complete the hardest instance
  11. I've played since launch and of all the unique things Aion offered, flight was not the best. Sure it was fun to fly around the abyss from fort to fort, and it gave another aspect to the game, but the actual combat during flight was pretty bad. It ruined a lot of mechanics for each class. Ranger for example relied a lot back then on being faster than your opponent, jump shotting and slide shotting skills to stay out of range, etc. This was all removed when you entered flight combat. GLIDING ON THE OTHER HAND. I love gliding. When I first got level 10 and started questing in Altgard, I
  12. Hope you're not talking about Danaria because screenshots proved both factions are equally numbered. The no tactics at all part is definitely true but thats what you get with people like MechEagle leading lol
  13. @Cyan I'm interested in how far your skin sales are plummeting and if it's worth not just putting up transparent scrolls for kinah. People take great pride in how their character looks and your answer is a an hour a week if we want to use xforms? (and don't tell me using an xform is optional this patch)
  14. The tax is why people aren't doing what you suggested. I guess I'll have to deal with it, but with a game like this, trading should just be enabled like it was before.
  15. @Cyan I would LOVE to know the reasoning behind making almost everything important untradeable yet available to be sold on broker. Community and player interaction is a major part of MMO's and that includes sharing items and trading with friends or random players. A major problem currently flooding the broker rooms of Lakrum are broker snipers. Incase you don't play the game you're GMing or trying to ignore the problem, broker sniping is when players sit at the broker and refresh a search for "legendary" or "ultimate". When someone lists an item for a low amount of kinah for their frie
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