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  1. come join us!!! I’ll dm you link to discord . We are going Siel-Elyos
  2. Im still close friends with Loli. We have around 30 former Triniel players (elyos and asmos) from Haven, sunshine, shenanigans, KV, KDO, flawless, etc. We are going Siel-Elyos
  3. Not sure if I understand your full question. NCSOFT is launching Aion Classic for the west. I believe Gameforge? is working on an EU client but no ETA. Release will start with content 1.0
  4. We have some people from Sunshine, Haven, KDO, KV, Shenanigans, etc.
  5. It has been a blast reconnecting with old friends for Aion Classic. My friends and I used to play on the server Triniel-NA. Over recent weeks, we have met people from guilds such as Shenanigans, Haven, KDO, KV and others. Please reach out if you played on Triniel and are looking to reconnect with old friends. In addition to the Aion Classic Network, we have our own guild discord. You can also add me Vatallus#4031 and message that way.
  6. I used to play under the name Swimchamp. Ran a guild called Shenanigans on Triniel-NA server (Elyos). It was part of the Elysean Council. DM me if you we know each other
  7. I don't see one in the footer of website. Also, are there any popular community forums still around. I think the old one was called Aion Source?
  8. Looking to reconnect with old friends from the NA-Triniel server. -Swimchamp
  9. In case anyone wanted a wallpaper. NCSOFT AION IMAGE - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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