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  1. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The game isn't perfect, but it's been solid for over 9 years. There is no game, nor will there ever be a game, that completely satisfies everyone. They are video games, you either have fun playing them or you don't. Population wise? Please, give this argument a rest. Asmo-KT Lakrum siege on Christmas day was a full league plus, over 200 players just on our side. Over a league last night for the Anomos spawn, on both factions. Evergale pops almost immediately. If you are outgunned by uber geared long tenured players that have compensated gear, just shout out in LFG and you'll get backup almost immediately. There is a gear cap now, so once they hit it, they are no longer progressing while you are inching closer and closer each day. While I miss Tiamaranta the the Eye (thank God they are coming back), it was an intelligent move to stage end game on one map and quit spreading everyone out so much. There is never a lack of PvP in Lakrum. Camps are still contested and fun and even getting to the Bastion of Souls portal is challenging at times. Arenas pop quickly and so does Dredge (most of the time). Population isn't a problem. There are other problems, but as long as there is an effort to keep moving forward in some form or fashion, I'll always be a player in Aion. They aren't perfect, but 6.2 was progression, and 6.5 & 7.0 appear to be as well. It's a game. If you've spent hundreds and thousands on the game ... you would have spent that money on movies, booze, dating, extravagance, etc; anyway ... it's a leisure time and hobby based expenditure. It's gone no matter what you spend it on. In fact, the gaming expenditures, it can be argued, last a lot longer. Maybe your enchantments don't work all the time, but you can buy snazzy outfits, mounts and all kinds of things for the same leisure time money you'd be spending on something else anyway, and it will give you months of entertainment in a game.
  2. Asmo lvl 9 Ranger stigma trade

    PM me on KT Asmo server, or send in-game mail message Character name = Paradigm