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  1. Candy Bast

    whats this cocoon-like thing that has crescent moon icon on top of it and then when you clicked you get 3 candy blast whats wti hit isnt it pumpking event end so what can we do with this candy? do we have pumpking on instances again?
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 14, 2018

    i still have that on some npc
  3. Crucible Spire Bug?

    Whats with crucible spire at stage 7 when im done at stage 6 i go up at stairs to stage 7 but id dont get to stage 7 instant stage8 and i got 20 coin of challenge it happend again on my 2nd run why?
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 14, 2018

    yah need snowball event hope some enchantments and weapon etc. we can get especially christmas
  5. Enchanting!!!

    im not having that much problem at enchanting just use ancient up to +10 adn when you hit +10 still sue ancient up to 12 or 13 if youre lucky then use legendary thats what i do on enchanting and it always gives me +2 so instant 15 or 14
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 14, 2018

    when is server goind down?
  7. at Vaizel's Wisdom skill % are missing too
  8. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    what about time to sieege im on Asia i cant d siege only at sinday ican do everything and 1 siege per week and fighting soiit legendary ridium etc. please make it ime siege and evergale id night here
  9. P2w players

    and also 1 slot stigma that reach +9
  10. Wonky Eyeballs - Color Change After Patch

    yah i have that issue too uuntil now on some npc's
  11. Freakin' 0 Damage on enemy during pvp...

    i cam here to post another thread exactly like this i just fought a chanter so op really cant even kill him 1v1 and i have my cleric and chanter friend at 2nd time man 15mins just fightting 3v1 cant kill him idont know why even facing us face to face then going back to camp then go back again and the heal is nonstop and op chanter should be atleast nerfed and sm Ereshkigal Server
  12. New server is really empty? Katalam or Danaria then?

    we got 2 league at asmo it was fun youre right
  13. Evergale and ID

    When is the time and date of evergale canyon and ID im from south east asia so time might be diff