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  1. Cannot connect to update server

    oh no you dont need to delete everything and redownload you shouldve just wtched youtube first its jsut easy to fix it 2 years ago that happened to me but i fixed and and didnt happend anymore and search on aion support........and sometimes error e01005 happend when oyu have slow internet connection
  2. Question

    game still alive and populated after maint? i saw alot of people playing now at eu im planning to play aion legend
  3. Looking for name owner of pekpek

    wtf lol pekpek means nyerk in filipino lol
  4. old char

    i submit a ticket on ncsoft to restore my char hat i accidentally deleted here what it reply on my email: Hello, I'm pleased to report that we were able to locate and restore the following Aion character(s) to your account: Characters are restored to the condition they were in when deleted. You'll find them on your account next time you log in to play Aion. but its still not there when i log in
  5. old char

    it was there now and i jsut got sendlog lol btw thanks for answering <3
  6. old char

    its from DN asmodian i dont make ely on DN and yes i selected the server
  7. old char

    yes i log 2 times
  8. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    i already got the survey if i make another character on ek and leveled up to 80 will i get the survey again? is it 1 char per account or all level 80 char?
  9. Sendlog everytime

    so everyday i got a sendlog "EVERYDAY" its kinda annoying everytime and when entering harmony and then the loading screen reseted that taking so long, why i got sendlog?
  10. GP From Siege Not Included in Rankings

    Lol asking the same insentive for ek players just for that trouble
  11. Help

    So i downloaded Aion yesterday and finished this 6 in the morning ive been stuck on "Replace me" thingy everytime i opwn a server and choose a race theress red thing with replace me on it and then crash with sendlog and 'Aionclient has stopped working" everytime i run out of ideas i dont know what todo i delete texture file data etc. And repair it but its still happening i forgit how i fixed it back in 2017 but niw it has replace me thinf and then crash with sendlog and aion clien has stoppes working Anyone can help? Im stuck for 12 hours
  12. Is my laptop suitable to download AION??

    Im playing aion on my asus laptop for how many years i5 4210u and i downloaded aion 2 times on it
  13. Any benefit for being a returning player now ?

    I stopped for 1 month now and going back again this Feb 15 and I get my returning player benefits when 6.2 hit and can I get the box again and free lakrum gears?
  14. I think you're not lucky with that name unlike me
  15. New Enchanting System Changes

    Is this system has a limited time? Or this will apply on the whole patch? Chase I'm going back on aion after 1 month I'm afraid I'm not gonna experience this system and waited for 3 months to upgrade my ancient wep
  16. Aion's Music

    Verteron is my favorite
  17. Can't play during Siege? Any help?

    Use ping reducer I'm playing on my potato laptop and I got that problem too and I use pingzapper (its the best for me) and my ping on siege is stable normal my normal ping (200) but when I don't have pingzapper I got 6k on siege lol and rubberbanding since October I'm playing normal even on siege problem only are fps but still doing good
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    So at next maint we will have 6.5 enchant rate?
  19. Regarding Server Transfers

    Pllease im waiting for months for this transfer my el on ek cant even run single fm and bos even coe so hard to get a gorup everyday its 20-40 online and i have an asmo too that is well geared and got 3 daevanion i eant to transfer it on dn and get out on ek cause its a super p2w server like all ely and even asmo are p2w ely
  20. 6.2 was the best patch but not in NA

    youre glad you +10 your legendary and you got a Legendary my Spellbook still ancient for 2 months now still goind fdown +10 everyweek reset im doing all weekly so i can get geneiss to buy ecnahtnemnts and all of them wasted with some legendary i buy on sand shop (if im lucky) and cant doo tuesday and thursday siege cause of school so i can only do lakrum siege at sat but its sundy here so 1 siege per week like for 2 months still failing i was like "its sad and its very poor"

  22. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    finger crossed servers are back up now

    Agree agree, i only have like 145 crafting so everytime i want to let my friend craft for me were taking so long to trade each mats like legendaery kibs,masterwork gear,etc. we need to chat if ready alot we need todo and my items got sniped 3 times by the same people lucky that hes kind so he brought it back but still for the other players who didnt get their items back and even some stigmas etc. i need to let my friend hold it first then log my other char to get it lol its just hard...
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    atleas put legendary pvp stones on reward i fail tons of legendary omn ancient lol a month still cant upgrade my wep all are pve stones put atleast just legendary pvp stines
  25. New server already dead (rant)

    everyday i log my ely on ek to check if i can run bos or fm and trsut me everytime i earch always 30-50 peopple max online everyday i cant eve run fm or bos for a month lol and i quit that server ad go back on DN amybe asmos on ek are really not cooperative etc. so sad im an asmo too on EK and ely on EK are full of p2w thats why i quit on that too and return on DN