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  1. Iirc, you get a specific stigma. To get the ones you want you have to use the broker.
  2. As for the system working, in this case it did -- no rules, player feedback on forums, now there are rules. Whether or not the rules are enforced is a different issue, but at least the no afk one can be partially enforced by alliance leaders.
  3. The thread was locked so the rules are all that is there so people can see them and they don't get drowned out in all the responses. As for your other question: Support says we have no rules to cover this - go to forum. You go to forums, the system actually works, and now we have rules (or guidelines). NC now says - "if it happens again, go to support - they now have rules" What is so hard to understand?
  4. You seem to be the only one that gets it. So I guess I'm done - you folks ignore me, try to get players that don't play like you want them to banned and just keep that in mind when you aren't playing the way someone else thinks you should. You folks all take care.
  5. It seems that I am not the one that knows how to read - the post I responded to was related to 'omg what will people do when these people or their alts join our alliances'. I comment on the near panic that you are trying to create in an effort to get people who don't play the way you want them to banned. You have yet to say that is NOT your goal here. Never sent a threat. You can feel free to post what I sent you so everyone can see. This is another example of you stating a falsehood and expecting everyone to believe you. I expect you to apologize for the misstatements you have
  6. And you are so focused on NC Soft making people play their toons the way YOU want them to. If you want to control how the governor uses the governor perks, get off your dead nyerk and become governor. You should be petitioning NC Soft to change the system that allows and promotes this type of behavior instead of getting them to ban people you just don't fell play like you think they should. Who died and made you the arbiter of how everyone is supposed to play aion? One thing I have learned from my time in the forums - Aion is designed for self-centered greedy nyerks to take advantage of people
  7. Are you saying that since I haven't sieged this week (I guess that is what is considered 'a while' now), I'm misinformed and in the dark about sieges? And again, I do understand that you folks are frustrated with the way it was, but there are a LOT more people now who are NOT the people you are nyerking about. That part you don't seem to be taking into consideration. It seems that if the particular individuals are as bad as everyone says, your team got a whole lot more support with this merge than theirs did.
  8. And you've never had spies in your alliances before? Did you people really and truly forget how to siege?
  9. And I'm not supporting the behavior. But there are some facts: NC Soft Initiated the current siege system ON PURPOSE that gives automatic lead of the coalition to the governor. NC Soft Initiated the coalition system ON PURPOSE that allows the coalition lead to kick alliances as they see fit. NC Soft Gave control of the placement of the Coalition Kisk to the coalition leader ON PURPOSE. What I am saying is that you guys are qq about things that NC Soft PURPOSEFULLY provides for our current governor to do, The gov and his/her cohorts are not exploiting a game flaw - they
  10. Since the current siege mechanic makes the gov the default lead of a coalition, what would happen, say, if when more than one fort was vulnerable, everyone that didn't want to be in the gov's coalition formed one for the other fort? I know it takes at least one alliance to form a coalition, are you saying that you couldn't scrape together that many people who don't support the gov to do that? And wouldn't that partially fix the problem? Heck, I might even come back to seiging just to be in the non-gov coalition.
  11. First, get your facts strait - 'nuff said. I do not even know who the current governor is, I have always posted on my main - you can ask anyone here, and finally I never said siege was not PvP, I said siege may not be a 'PvP Match'. - there is a difference. Maybe Cyan could tell us the Official Definition from NC Soft's legal department as to what a PvP Match is. And I can compare ToS and Rules of Conduct, because the ToS includes the Rules of Conduct. Here, still, all I see are a bunch of people who don't like the governor trying to get him banned instead of taking the requisite action to be
  12. Siege, as described in the abyss campaign, is not the siege we have today - so that's a red herring. If siege was a pvp contest, pvp would count for score - it doesn't. In any of the PvP instances, PvP counts toward the score. And yes, I held transform rank and have transformed at siege, but when transform became another means to gank lowbies, I gladly gave it up. If you are a Great General and can't kill level 66 players without xform ... but that is a different topic.
  13. It is true that I no longer siege, but didn't stop until I had gotten all my rank independent gear. I understand the new siege mechanic and you will see that nowhere in the formula for a win does pvp score any points at all. As for the coalition kisk - what did you do before it came - lots and lots of legion kisks - that's what. Did everyone forget everything they knew? QQ about the governor and his cohorts is not gonna fix it. You know what worked before - do it again. If someone is banning someone - screenshot and report, don't qq. If someone is demanding tribute - screenshot and repor
  14. Just as good an idea as what you are doing now ... instead of figuring out how to work around it, accomplish your goals, and get something done all I've seen is a bunch of people trying to get someone they don't like banned. Assuming that I am right and siege is not a 'pvp match' and therefore there is no match manipulation - what are you guys gonna do to fix it? Everyone is so fixated on getting people banned, or taking away my hard-earned gp that nobody seems to even be worried about what to do to fix it. Personally, I no longer care about gp (and although I don't really care about it,
  15. I would not classify siege as a pvp match, since pvp doesn't even count for points in who wins.
  16. You can have a new account with another 8 toons in less than a minute. But the point is that siege is not a pvp match, they are not manipulating the outcome, and they are not pvp griefing. If you are gonna qq about them being afk, you have to report everyone else there that is afk. Again to me is sounds like you are just trying to get someone you don't like banned. You said I was friends with them, yet you fail to prove that I even know them. If you will lie about something that simple. what else will you be dishonest about?
  17. Ya, but read those rules -- nothing that you have nyerked about in this thread except the profanity (which you would have to prove) isn't a violation of those rules any more than killing someone in the open world is. And I have read the full thread and if it is being championed by someone who can't even bother to fact-check their post I find it has little credibility. One person has weighed in and their opinion I respect, but you who make false accusations (in the grownup world those are called lies) about me and then expect me to help you get someone banned just because you don't like th
  18. I got the point, but you totally missed mine ... who the freak are you to tell them how to play the game? If they don't want to pass lead - THEY DON'T HAVE TO. If they want to put the coalition kisk inside Roah Fortress - THEY CAN. They are playing the game as designed. If you can gank lowbies in the 66 areas, they can sure as heck siege how they want to. I get so sick and tired of all you holier-than-thou folks who think that they have the right to tell others how to play. I've been told so many times to find a new game when something changes that I don't like, why is it when something change
  19. I haven't replied to anything of any seriousness in a while, but all you people that are crying about the new governor should just do like everyone tells me when something happens - deal with it. It appears that the people in question are playing the game as designed and you have no right to control how they play their game. Since they changed the rules so that the whole purpose of transformation is to go to the other faction's territory and gank newbies, I'm glad I lost my 5 star. So what, you won't be able to do a couple of instances for a while - big deal. There are other ways to get ap and
  20. It would have been so much nicer if people had first and last names. A simple space could make so much of a difference.
  21. There seems to be a severe disrespect for other peoples play styles here. Just because you wouldn't want to do something, doesn't dismiss it as a viable play option for other players. I don't like waiting 20-30 min for instances to form so I don't do a lot of instances, other people would rather wait in sanctum for something to do and don't really mind (imnsho) wasting most of their game time waiting for stuff to happen.
  22. Please bring back the 'first unread' button and place topics in order of most recent post.
  23. Hi, I'm ApoIonia and I play SM on IS. I hate OW PvP, but instanced PvP where everyone wants to fight is ok. Been playing since 3.0 and am not really happy with the concept of taking stuff away being an upgrade, but learning to deal with it. I, too, am an altoholic and have at least one 66+ of every class, but haven't played my asmos in a while. The server merge is gonna be strange, we're all gonna have new people to like, dislike, or otherwise just get used to but it may bring back some of the fun. Looking forward to playing with ya'll and although I don't like OW PvP, if i'm in a group, I'll
  24. That's what I did - I let go of my mansion/estate savings and am buying stuff to play with instead of just letting it sit in the warehouse.
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