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  1. @Germ-DN Sadly my friend is currently running on windows xp when they go to try to run in compatibility mode there's nothing above windows xp that it can be ran as we've tried running as admin and many other things nothing seems to work and it would seem most of the crashing is mainly in the new area of Lakrum. They've logged into pernon/panda and many other zones and has been there for hours w.o a crash but the second the go lakrum they crash or withing 5m they crash
  2. @Cyan So, my and I have been back and playing for about a month and the game ran fine. Now since the update everything my friend logs into the game, it either instantly gives a runtime error. After attempting many fixes, such as running the aion client as admin,file repairing and re installing the game client and many other things they are still having this problem. Their pc is a lower end spec pc, but they have never had this problem in all the years of us playing the game. We were wondering if it would be possible to look into this and see if there's anyway to resolve the issue, they are currently unable to experience this new amazing patch that you have all worked so hard to deliver us. Thank you, Rovie.