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  1. New Server 6.0

    Until you realize move speed is now p2w Gonna be playing ely too until lost ark obt -dekoze
  2. So, Ereshkigal, eh?

    Again, point skips way over your head. Stop for a sec and think before posting bro you're way off the mark. It's not about those players. It's about the new server not having those players. Aka the server that would barely be alive with a proper release is going to be given no chance to survive.
  3. So, Ereshkigal, eh?

    I think you missed the point. Those hardcore players won't be rerolling to the new server now due to the horrible announcement timing.
  4. So, Ereshkigal, eh?

    Why on Earth did they wait till NOW to announce a new server? All the hardcore returning players already invested time into the event and the less dedicated already moved on assuming we weren't getting one. A new server needed all the help it could get to survive and these are not good circumstances...