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    HEY @Cyan i have an issue id like you to look into. my party and i ran FM and the leader of the group invited a player in as alliance by accident cause us to be teleported out of fm and wasted a cooldown, the @aion support refuse to help or acknowledge that this game feature caused all of us to to waste an entry run, i refuse to let this go do to a faulty game mechanic. REF: GM **** (Aion) Dec 17, 08:57 PST Hello there, We do understand that you wish to reimburse your entry from your Frozen Monolith run last Dec. 14. However as previously stated based on our logs, we've verified that you left the party. Thus, we are unable to grant your request. Thanks for understanding. Feel free to contact us again if you have any other questions. Regards, GM ***** NCSOFT Support Team rexking133 Dec 16, 18:17 PST their was no way for us to continue the instance due to the fact that it had became an alliance party, ill reword what happened (the party was inside the instance Frozen Monolith (FM) the leader of the group invited a new player to group but invited as alliance, the group went from 6 man group to 6 man alliance then we found our selfs teleported out of the instance for no reason due to the fact that an alliance cant run or go inside a 6 man group instance, we shouldnt be faulted for the mistakes of the group leader and there is screenshot log evidence of how the group became an allience. Id like to clarify your response is that due to someone being invited to group we could have finished the instance run... no we wouldnt have been able to due to known game functions of how an alliance works. GM ***** (Aion) Dec 16, 09:51 PST Hello, Upon re-checking again our logs, we found out that you leave the party and not been kicked since only Akrasie was removed from the party during the Frozen Monolith run. Again, we are unable to reimburse the entry since during that time your party still have time to finish the instance run. Thank you for understanding, feel free to contact us again, if you have any other question. Regards, GM ******** NCSOFT Support Team ******* Dec 15, 14:52 PST yea well look again i have a chat log in the screen shot i sent in with a time record that says what happened to my group , we were in FM then the group was changed to allience party and kicked all of us out and caused us to lose an instance count, thats the log easy enough to find review it again or change GM , again i have screen shots with a chat log that says what happened and how the group went from party of 6 to ally and instance kicked us out! Attachment(s) Aion0007.jpg Aion0008.jpg GM ******* (Aion) Dec 15, 14:40 PST Hello, I have reviewed your request. However, we are unable to locate in our logs that you have been kicked from your recent run in the Frozen Monolith. With that said, I'm afraid that we won't be able to grant your request. Thank you for your understanding. Feel free to contact us again if you have any other question or inquiry. Regards, GM ****** NCSOFT Support Team ****** Dec 14, 17:09 PST myself and my team got auto kicked out of Frozen monalith instance , wasted a cooldown run , please give us reset. its stressful to loose a run