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  1. The Fact that people are getting banned without a chance to to speak up is down right dirty and we pay for a service. without saying we deserve respect when we voice our opinions and shouldnt have to worry about getting forum suspended. we deserve better! from experience it would be easier to let things be if you were more open about your process of how you determine who is breaking the rule but silencing someone is unfair and unjust in my opinion. countdown for my sub is 6days left.
  2. HEY @Cyan i have an issue id like you to look into. my party and i ran FM and the leader of the group invited a player in as alliance by accident cause us to be teleported out of fm and wasted a cooldown, the @aion support refuse to help or acknowledge that this game feature caused all of us to to waste an entry run, i refuse to let this go do to a faulty game mechanic. REF: GM **** (Aion) Dec 17, 08:57 PST Hello there, We do understand that you wish to reimburse your entry from your Frozen Monolith run last Dec. 14. However as previously stated based on our logs, we've ver
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