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  1. Ok great, so just to clarify that we can use our current accounts right? Thanks for all the replies And also roughly how long should the client download take? My download speed is about 500 mbps
  2. I don’t understand. In the FAQS about classic, it says “server”. But everyone is talking about a new client download. So which is it? How is that going to work? Will that add a server onto our already downloaded client? And will we still be able to play the current servers? Do we need to create another account or can we use our current accounts? Please help
  3. Hi, How can I remove a clothing mask skin? One that overrides my current skin and changes my character? Just like the one for hairstyles. I can't find anywhere to delete the outfit mask. Please help.
  4. Can someone tell me if the Nightmare Traders event ends tonight? Or when does it end? Thank you
  5. Can someone please tell me what the Frozen Agrints around gelk are for? I killed so many and it didnt drop anything. Do I need a quest?
  6. Okay thanks, I will definitely try that next time. Thanks for the tip, so I will pay close attention on my alt to see when it opens.
  7. I was on the original character when I passed it but my alt was in the group next to me, which didnt get a pass or roll option. One person had left the group, so I could add in my alt. But when my original character passed wasn't right after the boss had died but about 5 mins later, if that makes a difference. And my alt was there at the same time, I didnt log out my original because it was faster to load another client. So what I should have done instead is pass the item on my original character BEFORE bringing my alt to the boss spot? And then wait until the loot opens up for all?
  8. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. I tried passing the loot and the boss disappeared before it even opened to loot from. I figured that other alt had to be in the group at the time or in range of the boss. I'll explain step by step what I did because maybe I made a mistake somewhere along the line. I applied to an FM group and we all went in and killed all mobs and the boss. Then we dropped a mystic chain which no one in our group could wear, so I logged my cleric real fast to get the drop. One of the members left the group, but the other one held the group so we didnt get kicked out. I
  9. I know BOS is listed as dropping ultimate armor/weapons. I have not dropped in there ONCE. I have run it on all my toons and used all my entries and havent dropped at all. WTF? I even used a drop scroll and nothing. Please change the drop rate, this is unfair. And the boxes should drop for all :/
  10. Can someone please explain to me in details how L/R works? Every time I try, it doesn't unlock and I am unable to loot on the other toon. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.
  11. I'd like to know what is the purpose of still giving out normal transformation contracts like you did in the survey?? Oh boy, I'm so excited that I got a worthless gift... really? If you are going to give transformations, they should at least be ancient or higher. It is really a slap in the face NCSoft.
  12. What can I do with blood medals besides buy useless 65 mythic gear? Is there an NPC that I can exchange them?
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