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  1. Unfair for KT-Community

    So much salt, so things never change on aion forums. the luna is a bit overkill the prestige pass was too, they've done a 7 day one before, full month one is a bit overkill just for closing the server.
  2. New Server 6.0

    aion has been p2w for a while, nothing new really lol
  3. New Server 6.0

    lol she said you better carry her then
  4. New Server 6.0

    lol, well shes reinstalling so we shall see
  5. New Server 6.0

    was looking at all the new lvl 80 daevanion skill stuff earlier, like I said, I'll poke around for a bit, she might come too
  6. New Server 6.0

    lol idk about kosh, but I'll poke around a bit
  7. New Server 6.0

    unbeatabad always right kosh says hi