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  1. Can someone "copy and paste" the information on this event please? I realized now that the text is gone (on the official page) so I'cant read anything about this event again.
  2. NA calling to another continent for help. Now talking serious ,US have more than 330M of ppl and AION NA can't just 1 person to fix all this problems? very sad...but i thinks we dont have to much hope.
  3. @Cyan The patch notes say: "Ripthread Shot: Decreased cooldown to 1 minute 30 seconds, cast time to 0.5 second." But Ripthread Shot already have it...I dont see any changes (Already have 0.5 cast time and 1:30 CD). Im wrong or what?????
  4. @Cyan The patch notes say: "Ripthread Shot: Decreased cooldown to 1 minute 30 seconds, cast time to 0.5 second." But Ripthread Shot already have it...I dont see any changes (Already have 0.5 cast time and 1:30 CD). Im wrong or what?
  5. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and what happen to "Cyan: Retune Buff will be put soon?"
  6. @Cyan I hope u are working to respond something is not hard to say "Next Week" or just whatever you want to answer. A tons of work i guess, keep working you guys are doing great job!
  7. Cyan: NPC Retune Buff will be put soon... Like EC (SMALL PRINT) give us ur money.
  8. @Cyan Can be change to Selection Legendary Contract? a lot of people are online for 6 hrs every day(it doesn't matter if it's AFK), it would be very disappointing to be 120 hours in-game to get a useless transform that doesn't work on your main char. It would be very nice if they considered making this change and give us a Selection Legendary Contract and not just a Legendary Contract. That way people who still have ancient transformation will be get finally the Legendary Transformation they really need. Please @Cyan talk with the NCsoft team and consider it.
  9. @Aly-DN omfg are u a real moron? holyshit, honestly i dont give a nyerk about you n if i got sanctioned i will accept with a big smile but i really need let you know that so "You dont have 46 chromosomes for sure." now i will sleep like a baby tonight. The background of the theme is "as we craft if we can't get enough materials as before, there's no farm way to do it, you can't farm like before." the post right above me explains the obvious and is useless like u. In broker only 1 - 3 page of mats with a really high price ( NOW I HAVE 4K OF ULTIMATE GUIDING STONE, 2.5K LEGENDARY 800 ANCI
  10. @Cyan Uhmm actually ignore us? How we can farm now? I really wanna farm to craft the new wep is totally impossible craft the weapon if u dont bought before this patch.
  11. Its true, rate of PvP stone are wrong... they think we are totally stupid or we have a 1 less chromosome. They dont enchant (we do), they dont test (we do), with 10-13 PvE Stone or less i can put 1 ultimate gear PvE to +13 EASY then i use Ultimate PvE Stone (always use 3 if im lucky just 2 or 1) now... about PvP? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA took like 30 PvP stone to get +13 and i failed 4 - 5 Ultimate PvP Stone in a row (to many times)!!!!!!!! WTF!!!! XDDDDDDDDDD PD: i save all my stone in warehouse to the day they fix this shit... i have 140+ Stone PvP n 12 Ultimate PvP cuz the rates of PV
  12. I'm a little disappointed, the same event from the previous patch I give some players more than 1000 legendary pvp stones. I played again about 9 months ago and the amount of legendary pvp stones do not exceed 500+ in 9 months. ¿why we can get any stuff pvp now from the same event? @Cyan at least give us the chance to get Fighting Spirit Fragments
  13. I'm sorry, but isn't the simple fact that the compensation was excessively "generous" giving me the reason in what I say (emergency compensation)? ¿I mean, who would complain or talk something with 12 ult stones (just me xDD)? Including the fact that it was not coherent? In the sense that we should not have received Ultimate Stones, if you want get ult stones u can craft(with the corresponding reward) or just winning the best reward from sieges,also is not very “coherent” giving ult Stone (in a universal way to calm down us) to people who only have ancient gear. Yeah,I know how I sound, like
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