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  1. @Kibbelz yeah, about that - they have been no help, been in contact with them for 5 days straight, 5 whole days, and they ran out of troubleshoot options and basically said "good luck, nothing we can do". The one thing that bypasses this issue with with a VPN (which I never used) but they claim NCSOFT doesn't support the use of VPN so now what else we're suppose to do lol. Issue happens like every 30 minutes and locks up the client for about 20 seconds. Hopefully they address the issue and update us accordingly and not have the forums be hounded for answers. This issue really makes the game un
  2. @Kibbelz Can you look into the issue with the server giving error code 10060 saying can't connect to the shop?
  3. It has to be Aion servers that's having communication issues and when I asked them about it, they're quickly to deflect and say no and ever since then, they refuse to continue helping with the problem - now im stuck using a VPN (which I don't want to) to continue playing the game cause without it, I physically cannot.
  4. yeah, and when i tell support that, and the fact i reached out to my ISP and there's no issue - their response is "lol, sorry and good luck". I'm trying to let them know that other people are having this issue and it's "Aion Server" that's causing the inconsistency and not my ISP, but still waiting for a response, naturally. Been in cahoots with support team for the last 3 days and basically got nowhere
  5. Yeah it's so weird - cause I get the error but can still use Sand Trader & the BCM. NCSoft support says use a VPN but warned me that VPN's are not supported and there's a change for a potential ban - so idk how that is a solution. I tried a free trial VPN and it corrected the issue, I spoke to my ISP and they don't have any issues on their end after doing a hard reboot, no loss packets or anything like that. So now I'm in a weird limbo lol
  6. Has to be something else cause I don't use a ping reducer but get this issue every 20 minutes or so
  7. I've started getting this issue late, late in the night on May 25th, right before weekly reset and the issue is still persistent. I reached out the support yet I keep getting copy & paste "attempted resolutions" but no luck yet.
  8. Hey everyone - Is anyone else getting this error where your client would freeze up for 10-15 seconds at a time and display an in-game message stating: "You cannot access the shop server. (10060) Please launch the client again to use the shop". I tried relaunching, did file repair, consult via support team just to get constant run arounds with no results (no surprise there). Just wanted to see everyone elses feedback and maybe any possible solutions. https://imgur.com/a/CcPY1X9
  9. @Kibbelz Thank you for justifying this. Much, much better solution.
  10. They need to nerf the kill quest limit. Do they really expect people to kill 1200 mobs daily, let alone 7k mobs in a week? It's pretty ridiculous tbh
  11. Can your RNG goddess share some love my way? Currently waiting for NCSoft to restore my 4 to try again.
  12. Having the same issue - just combined using x4 and failed. For just coming back to the game and grinding from scratch, its very frustrating failing with a "high" success rate. It's just as bad as fusing with just 2.
  13. With Minium Vault being broken, will there be any compensation for this inconvenience?
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