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  1. during the levl up of my character i miss a single stigma stone for my class

    do you think it's possible to by a stigma stone to an npc in game like before or we just have the stima master who sell nothing, and if it's possible where ?


  2. hello someone can tell me who use the in game shop cause i am on the ncsoft official server and i don't know why when i click to the icone shop appear "gamez aion shop" and when i use the icone to be vip in the character log page when i click to the in-game web shop same thing it is "gamezaion shop" who open

    who use it

    tks for helping me

  3. hello everyone, someone could explain to me why a simple white outfit can not be put in the account warehouse to pass to the character corresponding to his class (while stat are null and that this can not serve to change the appearance) or send him by mail
    already that it is tedious and long to obtain the desired item and that it is not always the object for his class it would seem justified to be able to at least give it to the character of his account corresponding to the class
    why put the interresting for remodeling, intradable and unsellable to the broker,whereas with the prestige pass one should not have this kind of restriction
    thank you for explaining me

  4. someone would tell me if it is possible to fix this quest because today the npc is indicated at a different location than yesterday but still not present when it should be 10m in front of me


  5. hello, for the quest 'chenkiki's enemie' at gelkmaros, the boss "Silverpaw" does not appear in the location indicated on the map by a cross near 'nunglark ruins" maybe it's a bug or an omission of implentation, but it would be nice to fix this mistake because we need to kill him to finish the quest and get the title
    thank you