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  1. Valiant and Top Tier

    this is the main reason we merged into one legion (Valiant). Every boss we killed, its Class roll only, no alts, no afks, no rolling for friend, and everyone is following this rules up til now, you think it can be organized like this with randoms? No, they will roll on everything no matter what class, better yet, auto attack the whole fight and roll at the end. This way we are doing at the moment is not gonna change, if you want a piece of the loot, make your own alliance/league and out dps us.
  2. Valiant and Top Tier

    We actually do, gear and dps wise also, challenge accepted The only reason we kicked your alliance is because we spawned this boss with ticket, its not a natural spawn one. we constantly ask your alliance to leave in Alert and Shout chat because it was our own boss, multiple times, you don't listen, so we kick. we won't kick anyone if it's a natural spawn boss, not that we will invite you in the first place anyway.