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  1. @Cyan it’s good to get ultimate gears from this event but it’s impossible to socket manastones into the gears, even when you buy the manastone boxes in bcm, because it’s impossible to get tons of MANASTONE FASTENERS(sorry for the caps) nowadays especially when you’re a new player, returning player and/or new alts.... I suggest you guys put manastone fasteners in BCM or make it tradeable please....
  2. Hi Ele. Any tips for gearing up SW in pvp?
  3. Btw, do you use any defensive gears? Like MR set or Evasion set against other classes? or just MA pieces? Thanks again.
  4. Thank you so much @AriaTheMelodious-DN and @Youmu-EK for your help, tips and recommendation. I'll take a note of all these. I really appreciate it <3
  5. Hi all! I have decided to play Aion again after a year of hiatus. I need help with SW in pvp. What's the best weapon now for pvp and the best weapon to fuse it with? Also for gears and manastones, what manastones should i socket for pvp? What's a good stat for SW in pvp, like how much magic attack, magic accuracy and magic crit is need that can hit hard hehe. Any tips and suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance xDD
  6. If i create a toon on EK server now, will i get the survey? Or free compensation as well? lol
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