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  1. Seriously? You can't pick Krall Marks without Siel's Aura. This is stupid. I get the no drops and gathering and all other stuff, but these are quest items. Pissed me off and I logged out. The more I play lately, the less time I spend online before I get fed up and close the game. Seems the day I won't even open it is close.
  2. If they were to have a classic server, I would come back to the game, even with subscription. When Lineage 2 came out with a classic server, I went back to it. It was such a sight to see the classic L2, I had missed it so much, but NCSoft screwed it up and in couple months I left. I have a feeling they will do the same for Aion if they were to bring back a classic server. Anyway, I would still come back, even if it is just for a little while.
  3. People blame grind and instant gratification, and other stuff, but neither are the reason why this game failed. I played Aion too at the beginning and the single reason why this game died was because NCWest was way too slow to solve the problem of twinking and ganking. By the time they figured out that this was a problem and come up with solution, it was too late. Too many people left and Aion never recovered. It is a shame, because this is my second most liked MMO, after Lineage2.
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