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  1. Aion September Preview

    @Cyan Why is there no Labor Day sale??!
  2. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    Because of this, NCWest failed again, another reason for me to be idle for months. I only came back because of Tia Event. Reminiscing how fun Tia Eye used to be back in the days. But then, NCWest just ruined this event right handedly. I have cancelled my prestige pack months ago coz i have realized how ungrateful and inconsiderate the people who manages this game. Sad but true! I’m done spending time and real money with this game! Maybe I’ll come back when 6.0 comes. Tbh I’m waiting for the launching of ArchAge. Bye NCFail! Ya’ll suck big time!
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 7, 2018

    Thanks! I guess i'll try to enchant my stigmas since essence and accessories will be useless when 6.0 comes.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 7, 2018

    With this event, are the stigmas worth enchanting to +9 even 6.0 is on the horizon? Anyone knows if the stigmas remain the same in 6.0 especially when enchanted?
  5. Exp weekends

    Or they could add like administrator's boon buff to prestige users so that when you die you won't have any soul sickness...
  6. SW gloves for PvP

    Hi all! I wanted to ask what's the best gloves for SW to wear on PvP. I see that 75AP is casting gloves, is it good enough to use it on PvP or should i just get the 70 Arena gloves which has atk speed. Thanks in advance.
  7. Add a no SS previlege on prestige pack users

    I agree to this!