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  1. Not to mention buying a whole set of new stigmas. I got the dps ones from the bundles but now I need to buy the healing ones with Kinah from other players? Cause so far no stigmas have dropped at all.
  2. Agreed. What's the point in customizing the character, getting skins, etc, just to have it transformed into a penguin?
  3. I used to receive items from old things (like the magazine or codes I don't remember where I got from) with pets, dyes and stuff, and I'd receive on every toon I created. I'm not receiving anything on the toon I created on the new server. Have these been removed? Why?
  4. Thanks everyone for the answers. *cries in slow speed*
  5. Thanks guys. So, scrolls are gone. And the only speed buffs are from these potions that last like 3min? (the boxes we got in game, right? i haven't opened them). This is such a turn off for me. I hate being slow and one of the reasons I didn't level more toons was the drag of getting to level 30 and getting AP boots or crafted ones. Crafting is gone? How does Aetherforge replaces it (if it does)? I loved crafted beautiful pieces. (Ok, I loved to hate when it didn't proc, but it was still love). Gathering is still there, right? Both nodes and aether? Cleric used to be
  6. Is there a thread for someone who hasn't played in years and has lots of questions (possible even stupid ones?)
  7. Ereshkigal I don't know why they named after the *horrible person* who destroyed such beautiful places like Eltnen and Verteron.
  8. *logs in new server with new toon* *watching cutscene* *server will disconnect in 10 seconds* /sadface
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