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  1. I don't know why they keep changing chat. Change to original, it was fine. Now I can't find a color that works. Or give me a dark background option (ok this is too hard to code)
  2. While they're still leveling mains, we've got pretty much nothing to do if you can get a group to pvp (going out solo in the abyss is just giving away free ap). So yeah, let us level alts.
  3. Overcrowded? Get off the Auction House. It's empty everywhere else for Elyos. Cause asmos are killing them. How about you also give the box to Siel where we also want to level alts? No one is moving to Israphel over some boxes... And the boxes should've been given during Exp week
  4. So, what you're saying, is that we're never getting 1.5. OK.
  5. So people get 1 week time out and they get too keep all the AP and gear they exploited. NOW GOD FORBID YOU KILL BAKARMA ON THE LAVA, HOW DARE YOU.
  6. Imagine having to AP Trade to get ahead of the game. Imagine having to bot to get ahead of the game. Imagine using hack tools and then griefing players calling them names for losing to someone using a hack tool.
  7. Oh because glitching Bakarma affects the game way more than AP Trading, Hax Tools....
  8. 10 WHOLE MINUTES of Buff? That's OP. Elyos get killed way faster than that when leaving terminon
  9. I ran from 40 til 50 and never dropped. Ended up buying. Its ridiculous.
  10. I think it's just that they saw reports of the exploit of entrance quest, and saw the logs of people going in/out for repeatables and didn't even check the logs properly to see that it was a different place, and now they don't want to admit to their error and will die on the hill that "it's not how it's supposed to be played" when the game is clearly designed that you can hand in multiple quests and can continue to loot, it's not a ban offense if it the quest isn't a daily. No one is dropping the quest to restart it, they're just handing it in. What is more interesting is that only Elyos
  11. TBH, with the low base of actual players, they should just do a merge now, rather than wait for more people to just quit.
  12. @Kibbelz So, did the ban wave hit the asmos side too? or they just don't do these repeats ever at all? Cause gimping a server that already has an unbalanced population is really a nice way to keep your clients happy.
  13. Not to mention buying a whole set of new stigmas. I got the dps ones from the bundles but now I need to buy the healing ones with Kinah from other players? Cause so far no stigmas have dropped at all.
  14. Agreed. What's the point in customizing the character, getting skins, etc, just to have it transformed into a penguin?
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