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  1. @Kubei-DN 1. I know the system itself was not NA's idea nor is Cyan at fault. 2. If things started in Korea, then why not keep it the way it is ? Korea has PVP Legendary stones on BCM, why don't we do too ? I know he's a messenger. Had you looked to my comment a few days before the patch release, you'd see I already mentioned this. I don't know if he read it too or not. But if he did and passed away and the BCM is still the way it is, then that means NA just doesn't care. Let me apologize to you, @Cyan. But the rest of the NA team doesn't deserve it. Sure, drop rates are the same, I'll give that to NCsoft. But there are so many other things that are so different than Korea that I can't even begin to talk about them again.
  2. @Aly-DN Let me stop you right there for a second. It's true that I haven't played this game since beta, but I have since 3.7 and lemme tell you something. I've never felt more like a slave and taken for a fool in 6 years than I have in 3 days in this patch. Heck, even 5.8 was better! It's true that other people were OP, but only because they worked on their gear since 5.0 hit. My point is, I did work hard for my gear back in the days, but this is just ridiculous. And how can NC tell us ,,Giving back the Aion you love" ? That's arrogant ! How can you still do this to your community when you can see the majority on the forums is complaining about the game ? You don't even need to wonder ,,Hmm I wonder if the players like this new system". No ! You have their opinions right here. And transformation contracts....on BCM ? They should be availabe by ingame means just like scrolls used to be. Now average sallary people are gonna save the ones they have for times when they'll really need them because they can't afford spending money on a 10 minutes item that goes away if you get killed in 1 minute after. @Cyan You think that was a smart way to get money ? No. That only makes them think twice if they should do it or not. Do you realize how much more money you'd get if BCM had Legendary PVP stones like Korea ? And by buying them, players would have that feeling of accomplishment for spending 100 euros on those (and if the enchanting rates were better ofcourse) rather than buying transformations that go away in a minute if a guy in Red/Purple exchanged gear kills them. Which by the way, that was another stupid idea. Giving them stronger gear is ridiculous. If you wanted to reward them for working so hard on their gear, you could have gave them like a better price for AP exchange which would actually be more helpful and unharmful for other players. But it is what it is. All I can say is that I'm dissappointed. Very.
  3. @Cyan Well congratulations NCsoft. Once again you mingled with a beautiful Korean patch and turned it into another slavery. These past few days I tried to enchant my very first pvp weapon to +15 using 50 Ancient Stones and 10 Legendary Stones. Right now, after using all of them, the weapon is +5. Let me repeat myself.....10 LEGENDARY STONES. Even on the EU pts I managed to +15 my weapon with only 30 Ancient stones. And after I checked BCM in order to buy some more PVP Legendary stones, guess what I did NOT find. On Korea, they are on BCM for 1 euro each. This is why they're all geared and happy. Korea does not grind, no no no.....they do it chop chop chop and there you go. Spend 100 euro for 100 Legendary PVP stones and with the rates they have, at the end of the day, they feel accomplished with their +15 gear. Us ? We can't even p2w for it. We have to grind like animals 24/7. I was ready to buy so many stones. But it is what it is. As of today, I will not touch the game until it changes for the better, like Idk...some nice REWARDING events and better rates for enchanting and Fragment of Spirit drop, and I'll advice my friends (which btw they are also pissed off about this patch) to do the same. Good day.
  4. @Cyan I hope you guys are keeping an eye on EU servers. I played it for 2 weeks and I can already tell you it will die in a few months, if not weeks. The ,,Fragment of the Fighting Spirit'' which you need in order to evolve your gear from Ancient to Legendary and then eventually to Ultimate, is very hard to get. I broke an Ultimate pvp weapon and I only got 20 fragments. This is outrageous. And from a red piece of gear at that ? I need thousands..... I am totally fine with Legendary stones on BCM. I really am. I bought hundreds of Omegas up until now and I'm willing to buy the new Legendary stones too. I hope you guys wont be as shady as EU to put an RNG box with a chance of getting either Ancient or Legendary out of it. The enchanting rates are far worse than Korea. Even the pts was better. So please.....pleeaaaaase.......I am literally begging you guys....Do NOT destroy the Korean enchanting rates. Otherwise 6.2 wont be 6.2 anymore. It will be just the same slavery as it's been till now. Thank you.