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  1. Ranger BOTS all over map

    @Cyan I want to know about your opinion on this, will this issue be addressed ?
  2. What happen to enchantment now

    This is called you were ULTRA SUPER LUCKY. You were able to drop a coin and get 5 times same side, congrats !!! Now forget about it. I used 200 ancient and 22 legendaries, still +11...
  3. I started my the post with following words :)) 5.X was the worst patch for me in Aion, so i skipped the whole 5.x, too much content, too much stuff to care about...
  4. @Azzmaria-KT I share your opinion, but 1. If you have alots of kinah, you still can craft ultimate gear and nyerk new players and returnees with their +10 tryhard ancient gears. 2. I will be happy to have my weapon to be Ultimate +15 after 6 month, but again, with current situation, i doubt it. When you +15 your gear in 4.x, you know you have endgame best gear. If you have +15 ancient gear now, its like having +4 in 4.x 3. As far as I know, you can’t P2W pvp part, now you cant even buy prestige pack to sell with kinah, its not tradable.
  5. We need this minor change since 2011.

    With all these problems we are having in the game right now, with all enchantment rate drama, pay 2 win problems, ungetable items, you decided to speak about the default value of the loot -_-, really...
  6. I already accept that me, personally will never get Ultimate gear in this game with current situation. Now I will talk little math about ancient -> legendary part. Imagine you have +10 ancient part, and we want to make it +15 ___ Success rate with ancient stone to go +1 is 28%, and if you want to have +15, it means 0.17% success rate This is same as to drop coin and get 9 times same side (REALLY, you can try LOL). ___ Now let's do the same with legendary stones from +10 to +15, and the success rate is 48%, so to get +15 you have 2.5% success rate overall. This is same as to drop coin and get 5 times same side. ___ There is also third option to go to +13 with ancients, and then go +15 with legendary, and in that case from +13 to +15 we get and 23% respectively, which is NOT so bad, BUT in order to get +13 the success rate is around 2%, so it is NOT worth than second scenario with 2.5% LOL __ As a returnee player, I play 2-3 hours a day, try to do all PVP aspects of the game, and I have 21 Legendary PVP enchantment stones so far (Tha patch is live almost a month now). I also need some other item to upgrade to purple, and today i extracted a 186 genesis crystal piece and got 5 of those items, and i need 100 to make 1 single PVP weapon to purple LOL. I don't know who did the math, but with current situation, as returnee player I am not able to go on and I have to quit soon. People say, wait for events, sorry, but that's not the case. Link to the enchantment rates source (more math going on there) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f-I2NTH1KLir7NLjDLYTn8sGMBVsmwZHtiknQMFPY4s/edit#gid=0
  7. A very nice strategic instance, but always people afk Can you please do something so they don't get prizes if they afk please? https://imgur.com/a/sd4NFW0
  8. Ancient Kibrium/leader mobs spots in Lakrum?

    There are actually more, 2 near Le Blue forest, another 2 near Shrine of the ancient record. If you do Lifekeeper dailies, it will give you locations
  9. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    @Cyan Aion EU has this for 16.000 kinah -> https://imgur.com/a/isX07ma
  10. P2w players

    Please, do you know what is transformation contract ?
  11. @Cyan Sometimes I am not able to activate the Cubic instance (click on the liver), or open the doors in Mirash (I have key for the room) or in BoS (I have key for the room), so I have to change camera, zoom in and out, and at some point it finally works, before that it says no appropriate target.
  12. EU server

    They can't do this, because of their contract. It is something like if Russia asked Texas from USA
  13. P2w players

    Well, based on my experience, this is pay 2 nothing patch, or HUGE pay 4 something, and finally INSANCE pay 2 win
  14. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    Support this post, and already 5th post like this. Spent 100+ ancient and 15+ legendaries, still on +10 so from 10 to 15 ancient + ancient stone = 28% ---- ?????? why so low ? legendary + legendary stone = 45% ultimate + ultimate stone = 52% so basically it is harder to enchant ancient with ancient stones. Logically the rates should be smth like ancient + ancient stone = 48% legendary + legendary stone = 45% ultimate + ultimate stone = 42%