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  1. I know how to pass the instance, I am having problem with clicking and opening the doors. So please don't fill this up with useless info, I need to see if more people experiencing this issue and is there a fix, will try to upload video.
  2. In the new update I am having problems opening the doors, like in Mirash instance, or activating the devices like the bomb at the start of Cubic instance. I keep clicking, changing camera, but it says "No appropriate target". After changing angle of camera, zooming etc, I am able to activate/open. Anyone else having this issue ?
  3. Well, the title says for itself, I check some threads and google, read only config does not help at all. Any other solutions ?
  4. I am not a pure f2p player, I like to spend 10-20$ each month on my entertainment, but for me another important issue is enchantment rates, which are calculated for existing users, because they have hundreds and thousands of those stones. But as a new player, or a returnee player, I have no chance to catch up with them...
  5. Hello guys I know that this kind of requests are not resolved immediately, but as Aion lover I must contribute my feedback, and maybe if everyone does, the change will come from administrator side. I am a returnee player for 6.x, I decided to continue on my characters as i spent alot of $ on different stuff. I really liked 4.8 for Katalam/Danaria and the camps, and with this 6.x and removal of many content I was happy to give this a comeback cause I can give 1-2 hours a day to this wonderful game. Personally I am a developer, and I know how hard it is to maintain everything goin
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