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  1. Hello guys

    I know that this kind of requests are not resolved immediately, but as Aion lover I must contribute my feedback, and maybe if everyone does, the change will come from administrator side.

    I am a returnee player for 6.x, I decided to continue on my characters as i spent alot of $ on different stuff. I really liked 4.8 for Katalam/Danaria and the camps, and with this 6.x and removal of many content I was happy to give this a comeback cause I can give 1-2 hours a day to this wonderful game.

    Personally I am a developer, and I know how hard it is to maintain everything going on, and you guys as a company need finances to go on, and I am really happy to go with Prestige Pack or spending $ on game, because I know why it matters alot. I am even for bringing back the subscription model for this game, it would solve many issues with $ and let players just have fun, instead of having stress for p2w stuff on every step.

    I did google-ing and found out about the rates of gear enchantment, and this is really ridiculous. I spend more than 100 ancient stones, and 30 legendary ones, and my weapon is still not +15. I will try harder though, but how I am supposed to face old players who got their Ultimate gear? I did the math, and it is almost impossible (0.25%) to go to +15 from +10 with just ancients. With legendaries its 3.5% which is still very low. I am able to farm ancient enchantment stones, but how do I farm legendaries?

    I would continue for a month now, but If I can't pass this barrier of getting 1 legendary item, I will have to quit again :( Right now I can't event think of Ultimate items, I didn't even see a ultimate enchantment stone, and with ancient and legendaries, the rates there are near 0...
    The first month EU update went live, they had normal enchantment rates, that can be considered too.

    I am adult man, but I love Aion and still find time for it 1-2 hours a day, so infinite grinding is not for me, I am able to pay instead, but I want to see results for it. With current system, it is RNG for paying too.

    I would like to hear recommendations or some information which will still keep my hope up for this game I liked for so many years now.

    Keep up the nice work guys!!!

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