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  1. I just know for a fact when this week started and I was league leader in the first run after maintenance I had 23/24 being active. I don't believe the kick function will actually be used much and will more of a deterrent. As long as leaders give a heads up, we won't have much problems unless the AFK is lead. Participate or the boot, nearly all would participate. People won't be able to dual box and 'carry' their alts on their main so less actual clients will mean lower server load and less crashes. I'm hoping for the best.
  2. I agree, hopefully they're update it for this event, or have it in Shugo Sweep.
  3. The times are still the same, nothing is pushed 1 hour later? Housing still settles at 5 am Monday for me as oppose to 6 am Monday? Melbourne, Australia timezone.
  4. Theres a lot of content int he 5.0-5.8 patches a lot more than 4.8 + 4.9 combined by a long shot, and the reason why we had breakable gear was because of massively increased success rates on enchanting gear as well as big enchant crits of +2, +3 and +4 and post amplification rates were increased. You could dump 200 omegas on level 65 and not see +20, but on archdaeva gear you could do it in 2 shots if you were lucky. When 5.6 came however enchantment stones including omega and enchant crits took a nerf while greater supplements got buffed somewhat, noticeable when used on manastones but m
  5. Nothing wrong with a full AOE build if you can get that 7th stigma, Aethertechs have the best AOE damage rotations because of cooldowns. A lot of people say gladiators are the best but I disagree as their AOEs are for burst and not constant sustain AOE damage like Aethertechs or Templars now.
  6. Leveling to 75 is easy, I remember having to grind out at least 240 fissure of oblivion runs. leveling isn't that important ever since the introduction of essence cores. The real question is why do you need 75, unless you are really geared there is barely any difference between level 74 and 75, most people don't use transforms and even fewer can use it well. I have 3 level 75s so I know what I'm talking about, its not that hard and it doesn't really matter so this entire thread is pointless.
  7. Yeah definitely sure improvements in participation rates but in the last hour or 2 saw more AFK's as they realised kick didn't work but it was nice when I had 23/24 active in my first alliance today.
  8. Yeah there was a buff, but players have a lot more kinah, in fact many folds more than back then. I remember doing it to reach the 2bill mark back at Windswept base in Katalam trading bloodmarks for greater supplements then selling for kinah. Now well I moved up several tax brackets.
  9. Hahaha, you have +25 gear use it, how are you at a disadvantage?
  10. Thank you. Are the transcendent tempering solutions getting removed as well?
  11. What I meant was supplements are selling for the same amount of kinah they did since 4.7, however back in 4.7 the kinah yu got from selling those supplements made up of a much greater % of your total kinah, compared to current days where it won't make that much of a difference. Using it for enchanting is more important for yourself and for others playing the game. Sell people enchanting services and you won't ever have to worry about a kinah cap and you get more kinah and another player benefits. Make it a two way thing, but selling to NPCs will only make you happy as NPC's don't care.
  12. I finally figured out what my problem was earliar in the thread. It had to do with Norton security so what I had to do was white list aion and replace the 32bit, 64bit, the l10 files as shown in https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/articles/205343655-Error-E03008
  13. Supplements are meant to be used, not sold to NPCs. I mean this ain't 4.7 where kinah was needed more, use it to help with your own enchanting or have others benefit from your supplements.
  14. That just means greatsword would be better, not polearm.
  15. That's fine, but what I'm talking is about leagues that only have quick entry alliances vs a league that has atleast 1 premade alliance, and that premade alliance makes too huge of a difference and leads to lopsided matches.
  16. Premades only cause unfair matches, until there is proper match making to ensure premade vs premade, premades need to be restricted to give those who quick entry a chance to win. Premades no joke beat quick entries more than 90% of the time and not everyone is accepted to premade so their only option is quick entry. Gotta look at the bigger picture and see whats the best for the entire community as oppose to allowing friends play with each other.
  17. They can make it 3 premades, but points is we can't have people who premade always win and have dominant 90% win rates it ideal if they quick entry more often.
  18. To make matters worse there are Elyos hacker premades from Katalam side that run Evergale and ruin the instance, and the quick queue Elyos mentality has changes so much that they believe unless the have Mochigirl or hacker premades leading them they will give up and thusly refuse to participate and AFK, which is why you see a lot of Asmo quick entries beating Elyos quick entries quite a lot. When they do have such premades you suddenly see a huge swing in partipation rates for Elyos. As for Asmos, the AFKers somehow just know if they are gonna vs premade before the gate opens which is qui
  19. Thanks for speaking to us Hime, we really appreciate it and hope you are much more active on the forums. However this issue will come with problems because there won't be an algorithm to determine who will be a suitable leader. Leader could be afk and not use the function, leader could be a troll or a bad and kick people. AFK isn't the main problem though, its premades which are turning matches into total blow outs. They need longer queue time so that leagues with premades with face against leagues with premades. Its just so unfair when you have a premade alliance just demolish and
  20. We did have some nice events in the past couple of months for each character we have, and we actually got to enjoy the game. For all we know the top tier reward might be for those that spent more than 2k USD in the past 18 months or something. White tiger though should not be inclusive and be available for the loyal players that supported the game.
  21. Korean devs suck, they actually don't plan ahead and what they should have done is have focus groups to see how certain updates would be received 4.8 was a mistake. The real reason Katalam, Danaria and the other regions were deleted was cause of the server load which was a problem because of Enshar and Cygnea being poorly optimised. They try and hide this with crappy lore, when better game developers like those for Warframe would be able to keep all those regions. Now they're gonna pull the same rubbish and its gonna wreck the lore. Minions let me tell its not easy getting the growth
  22. No it must be based on a combination of ncoin spent and months away from the game. I'd imagine ncoin spent in the last 2 or 3 years contributes to this and not something like that spent pre-4.7. I'm just going off assumptions and things I read off facebook. I wouldn't have a clue on the amount of ncoin needed as I'm not one to buy ncoin, but I reckon theres some sort of direct proportion to a cap of real money spent.
  23. Yeah theres even a commander on Asmo side Katalam that I have not seen participate ever.
  24. Okay 17s48D51-KT you are right we have benefited a lot on recent events, but what I was trying to convey is because of the Power Up Event surveys we can make do without events for a while. Anything else can be acquired with ncoin which are not event based. Minium just roll the luna dice.
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