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  1. If you keep in mind that however this game is in NA timezone, most players are from EU on the servers. You said it yourselves before. So if you're from the US, it always seems empty, since most player are logged in on EU peak times.
  2. Aion classic isn't F2P it was announced as P2P The price isn't a shame, most (so not all) are $15.-/€13.- a month it's cheaper if you pay for three months at once, this is common in other P2P games as well
  3. When will the the August Amazon Prime reward be on Prime?
  4. 🤣🤣🤣 It would, the people that demand this, have bot accounts waiting. To ruin Aion again. The others that want it are cheapskates and even want there pc and internet for free to play Aion.
  5. Problem would partly be solved if They only made F2P till level 15 Till level 15, all chat functions blocked, can't send friendrequest, can only recieve and accept friendrequest. From level 15 (exp full before it hits 16) account locked till the player pays for subscription Lock sending mail on the F2P, lock trading on the F2P, if the player uses the F2P till level 15 as stated in 1. Even if buying a subscription, the LFG chat and other general chats stay locked till level 15 Keep the subscription model as it is now, so never make it an ingame item, since t
  6. Make the game free till level 15 no Siels Aura not even 1h Siels Auro free Till level 15 lock sending mail, lock general chat, lock whisp, block tradem block selling on broker, block private store Even with siesl Aura block whisp, LFG, mailing till level 15, except with people on list Keep Siels Aura full subscription only, never make it an ingame item like gameforge goldpack, other normal P2P games don't make the subscription an ingame item either
  7. You're are the one that wants the siel Aura ingame, not me. The Siels aura should be exclusive to poeple who pay for it with real money and not ingame at all. So it should stay a subscription and nothing else., You want everything for free. You made LOL with your Candy is P2W it's totally not, Kinah is not P2W at all, only thing p2w would be if they put PvP armor and weapons in the store with manastones and 100% socketing and enchanting, calling anything else P2W is to laugh hard about. If his/her debit/credit/paypal/bank account it's not supposed to be on anyone else's Aion/
  8. It's better for you to play World of Warcraft, it seems you want Aion te be a full Wow clone
  9. The Credit card, Paypal or bankaccount uses a different name so not allowed. Still Siels Aura should never be an ingame item, other subscription based games don't do this either, Aion orginally didn't either. If you love this so much play on Gameforge Aion. The candy isn't a problem at all, it's not P2W at all. It's just making fast kinah nothing more, you don't have to buy it at all
  10. Siels Aura should never be tradeable at all, it will completely ruin the game. Every normal P2P game is $15/€13 a month and isn't tradeable in normal P2P games either Keeping it p2p will keepout cheapskates No, it's not and isn't possible, since you need to pay it trough your NC account
  11. As expiriment, since everyone complains about not enough Asmodians on the server Make Full pvp rewarding in the Abyss, give everything concerning AP a 200% boost At every pvp kill in the abyss give the winning player a medal according to it's level Completely make the other zones pvp locked and only pvp available if the player is wearing pvp gear(the player in pve gear can still attack the pvp wearing player but not the other way around) Since pvp is only in pvp in pvp gear in the other zones, keep rifting open 24/7 In other words use the Blade&Soul mechanics on
  12. Make it full subscription like on old Aion Give accountwide veteran rewards like on old Aion, for each month you pay (The real veteran reward system, not the Gameforge version) Never make Siels Aura an ingame tradeable item Give double speed benefits on Deava Pass if you have Siels Aura Give strong Energy of respose if you have Siels Aura Give 10% AP gain with Siels Aura
  13. Stop whining and just play the game.
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