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  1. No, you don't want it in Aion classic. Apparently others do. I won't buy anything from the BCM anyway
  2. Just make the Abyss full AP 300% AP boost on PvP and remove PvP from the maps lower than level 36
  3. Than people will finally get rid of Seven and BlackVelvet
  4. Try to buy out the Gameforge Aion, move all the players to Aion classic Siel and Israphel, so force them to play on Classic. Problem solved
  5. Didn't they do something about it on original Aion back in 2.0 ? No, it's not
  6. 1. Well impossible for most cause of the ganking, only possible if they turned of PvP for 2 weeks outside the Abyss and do 200% exp event in those 2 weeks.
  7. Is this for all the characters on one account? the description it said players, so all characters of that player on the account?
  8. How about in the 1st week Elyos creation is locked and Asmos on creaton get some items like 14 day or 30 day title upon creation and a 30 day cube pet.
  9. This is totally off topic and has nothing to do with an event request at all. Besides P2P games have been $15.-/€13.- a month since like forever and several P2P games give discounts if you pay several months at once. Due inflation over the past 15+ years these $15.-/€13.- are worth less then 15 years ago
  10. Won't it have a pre-questline in October? If you pre-ordered it, you'll get a headstart
  11. Do a two week 300% exp en 300AP(300AP event for 4 weeks) event on Israphel only, lock PvP(except in Abyss) for those 2 weeks, so you'll get starter AP the 1st 2weeks on grinding and PvP in the abyss, the 2nd two weeks is actually a full PvP event on the rift maps Also do 200% Droprate event
  12. With the 50% boost event you can level to 31 on Theobomos, if most Asmos are in Elthen and not in Abyss you can AP farm in the abyss as well It's not even PvP at all if high levels one shot kill low levels. Those that want easy kills are the ones that are against having PvE hours on Aion. The real PvP players don't care about the lowbies
  13. It's the complete oposite of PvP if you get oneshot killed, people that actually want to pvp can't do it cause of this. I don't care about private servers at all If you even aren't able to level up so you can get some PvP gear, to participate, it's not PvP at all, since you can never participate in it, handing out low level PvP gear to start out isn't a problem. You are probably one of those people that ruin the game by killing low levels that can't defend them selves. This one of the reasons Aion lost players not cause people hating on PvP, it's the jerks that kill the low levels.
  14. Introduce PvP gear as rewards trough a survey on leveling up as soon as you hit you get a full set that you can socket and enchant and again on level 31. So hand out a free basic pvp set to start out. Also for two weeks completely lock rifting, all players on the maps of the oposite faction should be moved to there own mobs during the lock weeks. during these 2 weeks do 200% exp boost, give double kinah rewards on quest delivers.
  15. Aion Classic is p2p not f2p and it's the regular price for a P2P game, it's the average price. P2P games have $15.- / €13.- a month like forever and if you pay several months lots of P2P games give discount on 3 months and some even on 6 months. Aion gives discount on 3 months payment in one payment
  16. NC did them in the wrong period of the game, it was too soon. In the beginning they alread did the exp boost event so most people got pissed about it.
  17. This was done way back before 2.5. Only the jerks left that want easy kills on people that weren't geared yet, seems you are one of those people. That don't want others to level up and get PvP gear as well.
  18. Just turn off PvP and rifting every other week in those maps, like in old retail before they implented the FTS In old retail from a certain moment, they made PvP every other week in the level 20-35 maps and 30-45 maps, one week it was on the 20-35 maps the other week it was on thr 30-35 maps. If they do this, they should remove the kisks from the players in the oposite factions map and move the player to their home map during maintenance or just block pvp in the map that has the pve week.
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