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  1. I realize Aion is run by a business, and business decisions to turn profit must be made. I get why being able to transfer kinah to anyone is gone. I get why having an Aion specific currency to be able to prove 100% accurately how much money Aion is adding to the bottom line by intentional purposes and not just as a side effect of people playing other NCsoft games also. I get running promotions and encouraging people to spend money to prep characters for a major game change and being able to show how much of a financial profit the coming change generated in the player community of the game.
  2. I'm already feeling bad for all of the folks starting on Ereshkigal. Because all their ranked people up to and including their governors are going to be reduced to "Soldier, Rank 1" when they get merged into Danaria in 8 months due to server population issues.
  3. The only thing I'm super curious about is why the removal of being able to transfer kinah between your own characters on the same account via the account warehouse. If it was because it was all part of the same mess of code for transferring kinah I can somewhat understand, but if it was a "just because" then I definitely think it needs to be revisited. One of the big reasons to have alts is to be able to sell stuff. Now if you don't sell stuff on your main you are losing 50% or more of what stuff is worth (20% for the fees when the alt sells it, 20% from when you sell something to your
  4. Just to confirm what I've read on the web site and heard in the latest stream, the over 10K Greater Running/Courage/etc. scrolls I have across my characters are simply going to disappear with no compensation? And thousands of candies across my characters such as thousands of Ailus I bought with real money, nearly a thousand Frightcorn/Drake memories, and other rare candies I stocked up for years will be worthless? And since I didn't play the last version with massive kinah inflation and newest gear I won't even be able to play my old characters because they won't have the gear an money to ev
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