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  1. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    “So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause.” - “I have dreamed a dream... but now that dream has gone from me.”

    There are a lot of things worth complaining about in Aion, chiefly: how over the last decade this game has become noticeably worse, while the other games created in the meantime have become much better. However, AP acquisition is not an issue. You’re worried about it taking 6 months of consistent play to reach full endgame gear? That... sounds about right. I’m trying to think how long it took us to reach full endgame gear in 1.X, 2.X, 3.X, and 4.X... I don’t have the numbers in front of me but 6 months in an MMO doesn’t seem that long at all. I mean, shit man in 5.X some of us had to farm that alliance world boss (Ferson?) everyday for 6 months just to get our WEAPON, let alone a full endgame PVP set.
  3. PVP Gear Upgrade Path

    Hmm, that isn't actually possible. Perhaps you mean they got 1200 genesis marks in a day. That might be possible if every single camp and weekly is done -- but 1200 genesis marks would give you an exponentially smaller number of fragments, considering it takes hundreds of genesis to buy just 1 piece of gear that would yield 5 to 7 fragments.
  4. Maybe he just wants his Rich Purple Dye! Still saving mine for when the time is right...
  5. PVP Gear Upgrade Path

    Hey all-- I'm not logged into the game right now so I can't see the exact item names, but is there a resource out there or something to help show the calculations (or BEST method) for upgrading the genesis gear? Particularly for the... I wanna say they're called Fighting Spirit Fragments? i.e. For the chest piece upgrade, how many genesis tokens would it take to buy enough pieces of redundant genesis gear to break them down for fragments to upgrade to the better chest piece (and so on for each piece). Is it more efficient to buy the bigger pieces (chest/legs) to break down or smaller ones (gloves/boots/shoulders), or does it not matter? Thanks in advance, Blood for blood.
  6. I'm getting a lot of questions about GP acquisition in 6.2 and not sure how to answer people correctly. With there being only a few sieges each week that reward somewhere from 80 to 240 GP and GP rewards stripped from other things, how are people supposed to work towards climbing the rankings in this patch? If currently ranked players take the 30 minutes a couple days a week to do the fort sieges, will these players remain at the top of the ranks indefinitely, or is there a way for newer players to work their way up the rankings and eventually into the Top 100 so that they can xform? Are there a few other activities that reward GP for players looking to transform and help shape the outcome of faction battles, or should these players not look at GP rankings as a worthwhile goal?
  7. Were is Dredgion???

    Speaking of this topic-- Aly/Bryos- is there just a basic universal calendar somewhere that shows the timeslots for each week and when things are happening? I think in the patch notes I saw a basic one showing the 2 siege times, but does somebody keep an updated chart showing the time slots for dredge, ID, sieges, arenas, etc, -- just, the basic stuff?
  8. What Do You Do In 6.2

    Ok thanks for the replies. Im too nostalgic, I need to let go of the past. The time for is over for things like Padmarashka and Abyssal Splinter, weekend Theobomos raids, Dark Poeta, Sulfur Fort capture and instance, Siel's East and West captures and instances, Asteria and Roah captures and instances, Kysis, Miren, and Krotan captures and instances, daily Gelk/Ingisson raids, Tiamaranta and Tiamaranta Eye pvp zone, the daily four Heart fortress battles, Esoterrace, Danaria and Katalam PVP and Silona, Sillus, and Pradeth captures and instances, Eternal Bastion, Ophidan Bridge and Kamar Battlefield pvpve, Idian Depths pvp and instances, Glory PVP arenas, Iluma and Norsvold pvp, Invasion boss spawns and corresponding open world alliance pvp, etc Its a new world! A small one to be sure, but maybe one we can all make a home in
  9. What Do You Do In 6.2

    Hey all... This post isn't meant to be negative, it is more one of confusion. I got to level 80 last night and then I was walking around thinking... wait a sec... what exactly am I supposed to do each day/week in 6.2? They removed all but 4 or 5 group instances and 1 or 2 solo instances (at endgame) and there are only 2 forts to siege each week, I'm just not sure what the main stuff is to do on a day to day basis. We have these revised blood mark type quests (genesis marks or something?) out in Lakrum at the artifacts, but I knocked out most of those in an hour or two. I guess you can run a dredgion here or there for some AP? Maybe some of you that have been playing 6.2 on the other region servers could give me a better idea -- What is it that people end up doing each day once they run through the couple hours of content each week?
  10. Zones Being Deleted

    Brutal. Man, that is a LOT of deleted stuff. Guess they're never going to finish rebuilding that arena down in Impetusium, after all.
  11. Zones Being Deleted

    I guess I am looking in the wrong spots or I am blind. I can't find a list of exactly which zones are being deleted. It seems like Altgard and Morheim... but what else? Seems like one of the most important things we'd be talking about lol Thanks in advance