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  1. When they say "THIS IS FROM NCSOFT KOREA". We have Aion GameForge and Aion NA. They are the same game with different method. For example, Aion GF, the coffer of MS gives 500k of Kinah. In contrast, Aion NA only gives 2-4k from Kinah, does this come from NC Soft Korea? Do not be foolish enough not to realize that the game has been annihilated just to fill the pockets of NCwest, or not? Aion GF gives 2 Scrolls of transformation per week on their website. Aion NA you have to pay to win. Does this also come from NC Soft Korea? The above comments do not investigate. And they live on illusions.
  2. Eng: NCwest and aion 6.2 has killed a beautiful game. They have done as blizzard and their DI for mobile. they have not attended to the community, they do not give priority to the comments of their most loyal followers. the forum of aion is negative. It's been 1 month since the update, apparently only transformed the 6.2 to 90% P2W. I've been uninstalling the game for 1 week. and I just visit the forum and see if things have changed. but everything is the same or worse. I remember that in 4.5 it was characterized by sieges in flight mode. Now even that has been eliminated. I just have to say
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