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  1. THIS PLEEEEASE. My sexy boi needs that new long hair!!!!
  2. Glad for the quick fixes. Keep it up People will whine if you do, whine if you don't. Wish more people would look on the positive sides.
  3. Ahhh, wonderful! Any chance of an ETA on this...?
  4. Was utterly disappointed when ALL the interesting mounts were removed, leaving us with a pathetic 3 choices of the most boring mounts possible. Had I known of the removal, I'd have bought my Unicorn earlier. Why were we not explicitly warned of this? I was even more annoyed to learn that the plastic surgery and name change tickets are gone....what's up with this? Why has the BCM been so gutted? I realise this post seems hostile, but i'm pretty irked there was no warning about this. Other than this, I'm actually very pleased with the update. It's been a fun experience so far.
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