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  1. ...ANYWAY. Left Aion after last screw up. Put up with various changes over the years, but this last one was the final straw. Playing Guild Wars 2 now. Bye!
  2. Boooo! New version is now downloading.Have to see how long I can stick it out, having experienced it already on the European Game Forge version. I wonder if it will be any different?
  3. Ah, I have Elyos, so we couldn't meet up! This thread has got me wondering about starting a legion of my own for solo players. What level do you have to be to start a legion and how do you go about it?
  4. I also play solo, can't stand munchkin drama and pvp, kids (grown up or for real) who get their giggles mashing lower levels cos their real life sucks. But I've noticed a lot less players around now compared to when I started a few years ago - I tend to go off the game for a year or so and then come back and see what's changed - so harder to just join up with a stranger or two when I need some help. Might have to just tootle along solo for as long as I can stand it then look for something else.
  5. Found it, thanks! Got shiny wings now
  6. Hi Thanks. I thought I'd done this, but I'll have another look, maybe it doesn't look like what I was expecting. Pellen doesn't have a quest icon over his head, but maybe I need to read the message first to activate this.
  7. I've just reached 65 and got the message to go to Jucleas, which I've done, for the Archdaeva quest. He says go and talk to Messenger Pellen in the library. But when I get there, Pellen just says a couple of things and does nothing else. I read on a wiki that there's supposed to be a letter, from Pernos, but I don't have that in my inventory and no message to go to Pernos. Is the quest broken? Have I missed something? Can't move on until someone talks to me!
  8. I did eventually find this, but it was not 'labelled' in any way, I just clicked randomly all over the screen near the entrance till I hit upon it. Thanks for the imput though
  9. Keep getting Error E01005, which when I check says; These errors, while different, are similar in nature in that something on your system or network is interfering with the connection of the launcher. For these errors we recommend trying the following Steps: Close out any 3rd party processes that may be interfering with the NCSOFT Game Launcher. You can do this by following the steps for the Windows command MSCONFIG here. In addition to this we ask that you disable or even temporarily remove any security software installed (BWAHAHAHAHAH! No.) as we have seen these types of prog
  10. TS. Is that to do with the Tiamat group quest, with the Glimmer Mirror? Cos that's where I am. I haven't seen any purple smoke though. I'm in a small circular stony area, with lots of Elyos guards around, and if I leave that area, I'm in the Dragon Lord's Gardens (I think), so the Shattering Stronghold is just this circular area with the mirror, so I'm expecting the Disheveled Debris to be in this area, and expecting it to show up highlighted with its name above it. Could be wrong
  11. Hi. There was no timer countdown, and it never did reset. I abandoned it. Guess some things just get glitched some times
  12. I'm doing the Ominous Debris quest in Cygnea, and I've got to the part where I need to go to the Disheveled Debris and drink the sedative. But I cannot find it anywhere, and the Aion guide is no help, it seems to just assume that you can find the Disheveled Debris easily and carry on from there. Is it bugged for me? The Shattering Stronghold isn't very big, it can't be that hard to find the Debris, but I can't even find a mention of it on the forum, which also leads me to wonder if it's borked as no one else has had a problem with it. Help! Thanks
  13. Hi. I have this quest, named above, which is a solo instance. I got through and out the other side, but then realised that I'd missed picking up one item, as I didn't find the creature that had it, and also missed another sub quest inside Taloc, Taloc's Knot, so of course they're still showing up in my quest log. Is there a way to get back in? When I look at the little cave icon, it says 1/1, and it also says it resets once a day, at 9 hour, (whatever that means) but I've been online at various times and never seen it reset. Is that it, have I missed my chance to finish it? Or should I abando
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