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  1. and then there's this....the level 55 quest the last campaign quest for Gelkmaros the one that is the segue to Enshar …Richelle says "the Asmodians are still a threat" in the quest window.... wait what? I thought I WAS an Asmodian …isn't it supposed to read "the Elyios are still a threat"? …and in the FIRST regional quests for Enshar one of the Asmodian NPCs greets you with "Arieluma" (the Elyios greeting)…who ARE they having code this? on the plus side...the level 55 Silenteria campaign quest is now BAD ASS
  2. march to balaurea sends you to Gelkmaros… theres a blue quest that will level you then the gelkmaros entry quests appear
  3. you are not trapped you are on some kind of airship there is a teleporter on that ship ...they will send you to enshar where you can transport to other places
  4. FortressFortress the quest "taking the wind road" needs to have markers or something on the map to let you know where you are supposed to end up as once you reach the Aether research area it simply says for you to take another Windstream...the only two around there one takes you back to the back to Gelkmaros fortress and the other one is not functional at all I have almost died twice trying to get into it and finding it is basically a pretty GIF
  5. quoting 17s48D51: It does not reset every maintenance, it ONLY resets Wednesday 9 am server time (which happens to be when the server is down) just like the luna weekly. If they shut down the servers for maintenance on a Friday for example your kinah selling limit will remain unchanged. SO...if every Wednesday they shut the things down for maintenance and the things are ALWAYS down early in the morning on Wednesdays so once you hit that limit you are DONE cause that limit will NOT change because the servers will NEVER be up at 9 AM server time if I read this right?
  6. and you complete the last level 40 campaign quest "march to Balaurea" and the game just kinda leaves you hanging no segue into any other of the areas or other campaign quests at ALL ...was this supposed to happen?
  7. and then theres this: level 30 ish quest in the Red Mane cavern that grants the title "MAU whisperer" actually grants the title MEW whisperer...are we kittens now? LOL
  8. yea now none of the human types drop kinah at ALL this really sucks and now you have most of the interesting portions of the game completely removed?
  9. Beluslan quest snowy rynoce quest item "RYNOCE skull" is spelled LYNOS skull in the drop window...and the reward window for one of the Kromede's trial NPC's does not work at all you cannot complete that particular quest
  10. quoting Aly-DN: Not sure if it's a known issue or not but over half of the game appears to be missing now. The economy has also been completely destroyed. How is the economy destroyed? 1) no kinah transfer across toons (this was done to prevent the power leveling bots and the fraud bots and kinah selling bots)…draconian much? 2) no low level quests that offer any significant kinah as a reward---in FACT as another user said about 70% of the game is now simply GONE its not really a challenge any longer and there's no real "adventure" to the thing anymore its all about "leve
  11. upon login a good 2/3 of my high level cleric's skills were completely greyed out including several stigma skills...simply GONE was this supposed to happen? and where is it you buy stigmas BESIDES the brokers?...and hey my new toon is gawd AWFULLY poor I've done the quests but there's simply no way (yet) that I have found to accumulate kinah in significant amounts---I just about bankrupted myself equipping my first low level stigma...you might want to increase the kinah awards for these quests
  12. 9 PM MDT no servers....I would hate to be the IT team at NC soft right about now
  13. I need the shugo handymen to come to my house LOLOLOL
  14. 839 MDT …. and nope no servers online
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