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  1. The only problem with AP is they scaled everything up besides owpvp AP gain. No point to owpvp besides 5 kill daily and fun. But no one pvps for fun anymore.
  2. You have to go up the windstream geyser to the tentacle boss. It's right beside it.
  3. I think you use your exp to convert the coins you bought into gems used for morphing. If I'm right that's a 100/week cap you can't get around (unless they are tradable/warehouseable). See the quote below. But I did miss the "bonus" stones you can get, hopefully it's a really high rate.
  4. @Cyan This is a good start to improving progression but I suggest raising the 100 coin cap as it seems to mean only 10 more legendary enchants per week. I've been super active this patch. Easily much more than the norm. I attend most sieges so I have the highest GP on EK-elyos and I do my 2 pvp instances pretty much every day with high win rate. Before this change I was on pace to be full +15 ultimate genesis crystal by March 2021. With this additional 10 legendary/week it will only reduce it to August 2020. In Korea, 3 months into 6.0 patch when 6.2 released the players at th
  5. Ninja maint to add shards to EK only Pog
  6. They come from PF too. Cross server doesn't matter on ely side because at least 20 people already regularly clear PF/IDD as a full EK group. I've thought of doing cross server recently, not for carry, but because we have such a small population we need to organize times just to ensure enough ppl are on. /who certain classes and we have 3-4 total online... None of the people already doing IDD/PF used cross server to reach this point.
  7. Lose to balaur then lose divine and the conspiracy theories start flying The glads have 62k hp for that PF kill, a CM (not a GM) plays on ely side, glads with red zerk are braindead damage for 5 seconds and people who don't suck at pvp can pvp. We know the window for anomos so people camp it.. asmos have 1000x more bots and a better economy. We have like 10 legendary craft stones on our broker at 300k. What other tinfoil hat ideas do u got?
  8. Thanks for the update. A legion member made a ticket regarding players other than the one mentioned in this thread having compensation gear. They received a response today that indicated the reported players did have compensation gear. What should we believe in this case? Were other items such as tempering solutions and omega enchantment stones checked to see if players were able to move those over and exchange for purple PVP enchantment stones?
  9. Woah, I said nothing about numbers. Defensive much?
  10. I think those rules are only a thing because people seemingly can't understand that GMs are able to be impartial. Why risk your job for some pixels lol... it's not like they are giving us an advantage as you can clearly see by the siege results.
  11. Most likely case is he wasn't truthful about the situation. Ie. NPC some PVE legendary polearm and pretend it was the welfare pvp one etc.
  12. We elys get free ultimate welfare gear cuz outnumbered :') jk prolly 0 IQ NC support handing out impossible gear due to not knowing game mechanics
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