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  1. 1 hour ago, Cyan said:

    People are generally free to say what they wish on these forums (assuming it's constructive, above the brow, and a thread doesn't clearly already exist), and thread locking isn't super common here. The two threads I locked today were not constructive, and the post you have done here is what I would consider to be more constructive. I understand there's people that are upset with various things in the game right now, and all I can say for most of it is the feedback is being sent up, and there's plans for some of it to be addressed (that we're not ready to discuss quite yet). 

    This lack of transparency, more so than just the scrolls everyone is crying about, is a huge fault for you and the Devs. You say it's passed on, you say there's plans, there's no details, no information not even a smidgen of info to satisfy the people playing this game. 

    What is the difference between KT,DN and EK to change the way GP is awarded and that's only messing up the people on the EK server, are the people participating in siege going to be compensated with GP? Is it going to be fixed? Is ANYTHING going to be said about it?


    This is VERY frustrating @Cyan when nothing is said other than "passing it on" or "there are plans" or just nothing at all. I want to keep playing, I love my friends here but this is becoming increasingly difficult when as paying and some non paying customers just blown off and there's always something happening to make the new week after reset just, for lack of better word, shit. 

  2. Thanks for nerfing the amount of times shugo's can spawn in BoS, 15 runs no shugo, but before that would be at least 3.

    Thanks for nerfing getting the divine fertile soil, as my level 23 glad can't get them anymore, neither can my max ranger, so grateful that it just disappears but you need it for the quest to upgrade your area in pernon.

    Y'all are great.