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  1. For example the Balaur Priest in Tiamat Stronghold does little to me but as soon as it dots I am almost dead, the Drakan by the pond near Ancient Sanctum of Life hit for pidley damage but the dot almost kills me, thanks! :3
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    Are the shugoling's tree hideouts going to be burned down and be stripped of the ability to re-build them?
  3. I know it isn't a new thing but before I could go get the skins I needed again, now they are gone and luna doesn't work with used skins so even that can't help. I already thought about saving the skins until I got that ultimate piece of gear but then I found out that you purify that gear in 7.0 which ruined that plan. : /
  4. Yes I was wearing armor, combination of new and old, thanks! *and welcome back even though you been back for some time or as far I know seeing your name pop up!*
  5. They are spawning in trees and cannot be killed : (
  6. Shugolings are taking to the trees!

    They are piling up in the trees too, there is 3 of them between together up in a pair of trees. It is like that secret tree hideout with the roll up ladder!
  7. In Idgel Dome, the *Danaur Icon*'s damage was not scaled with the change with gear allowing people to kill the enemy faction at their spawn point and leave alive, thank you!
  8. Shugolings are taking to the trees!

    One shugo did teach me the rock it spawned on was climbable but it was tricky to do so but I thought at the time that it had to be some how if he was on there, apparently that was not case when I ran across the one in the trees : P
  9. The Christmas Decoration is so pretty...

    It is very beautiful and it made me really happy to see! :3
  10. I wanted to add to my above post that Peliato is the quest giver for that camp, thanks!
  11. The NPC Peliato does not go back to original spot after being aggro by Asmos, he just stands at the spot he is at after losing aggro and currently it quite a bit from the camp he suppose be inside of, thanks!
  12. ...the 1 time only thing lifted for these and/or luna needs to at least let us register skins that have already been used since we do not have access please. I have old wings that existed long before the 1 time only thing and apparently that changed effected them (even though it left other items untouched) so now I am trying use them again with the same outfit which I pieced together myself and these wings are what matched it and I have no access to get another pair. Please help! : (
  13. The NPC Flanne should say Elyos instead of Asmodians in the following dialogue: I am exchanging Cubicles for Daevas serving Asmodians interests, such as yourself.
  14. I wanted to add that would be nice for any old skins whether instance, crafting etc., thanks!
  15. Sacred Image of Azariel in Evergale Canyon is currently level 75 where everything else is level 80 in the area.
  16. Home Away From Home (Elyos Quest) The quest dialogue below mentions Lady Lumiel which it should be Lady Yustiel since it is an Elyos quest mentioning her in a good way: "Secondly, keep things friendly with the Jotun. The Jotun in Lakrum are on a sacred quest from Aion. Lady Lumiel herself has proclaimed them to be special."
  17. The NPC Viola her title under her name should be (Ariel's Agent) and not (Azariel's Agent) The Towers in Evergale should be Sacred Image of Ariel not Azariel for Elyos side and for Asmos it should be Sacred Image of Azphel not Asphel The transformation list has several names wrong: Heranas should be Veille Veille should be Mastarius Rasberg should be Bollvig Some halloween stuff is still sitting around even after the event ended, there is a coffin sitting in Lakrum along with 1 candle, Sanctum has 1 candle and several spots where there is still the illumination from the halloween decorations but the decorations are no longer there. Thanks!
  18. It is definitely a bug, now I came across some spots that still show the illumination of halloween stuff that is no longer.
  19. Is this intended or a bug? Sanctum just had 1 candle, and neither of the candles can you click, thanks!
  20. Ticket wait times?

    They are back logged with tickets so it may take actually a few days which is normal when a new patch hits.
  21. November Preview?

    Are we going to get a heads up on what it is please? Thanks!
  22. November Preview?

    I worry :/, I didn't like the new content being launched with halloween stuff, I love the halloween stuff, but not after part of sanctum is destroyed and our new base with halloween people inside it, would of liked to see it like it is for story sake.
  23. Siege Times

    I wish siege was still earlier but its going to be an hour earlier, not later.
  24. Were is Dredgion???

    Thanks for the response and sorry I meant to say please before! :3 *sorry I messed up quoting you*