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  1. The NPC Viola her title under her name should be (Ariel's Agent) and not (Azariel's Agent) The Towers in Evergale should be Sacred Image of Ariel not Azariel for Elyos side and for Asmos it should be Sacred Image of Azphel not Asphel The transformation list has several names wrong: Heranas should be Veille Veille should be Mastarius Rasberg should be Bollvig Some halloween stuff is still sitting around even after the event ended, there is a coffin sitting in Lakrum along with 1 candle, Sanctum has 1 candle and several spots where there is still the illumination from the halloween decorations but the decorations are no longer there. Thanks!
  2. It is definitely a bug, now I came across some spots that still show the illumination of halloween stuff that is no longer.
  3. Is this intended or a bug? Sanctum just had 1 candle, and neither of the candles can you click, thanks!
  4. Ticket wait times?

    They are back logged with tickets so it may take actually a few days which is normal when a new patch hits.
  5. November Preview?

    Are we going to get a heads up on what it is please? Thanks!
  6. November Preview?

    I worry :/, I didn't like the new content being launched with halloween stuff, I love the halloween stuff, but not after part of sanctum is destroyed and our new base with halloween people inside it, would of liked to see it like it is for story sake.
  7. Siege Times

    I wish siege was still earlier but its going to be an hour earlier, not later.
  8. Were is Dredgion???

    Thanks for the response and sorry I meant to say please before! :3 *sorry I messed up quoting you*
  9. Were is Dredgion???

    The 2nd Dred and ID, need to be at least a hour earlier for East Coast, and Siege during the week is way too late again :/.
  10. When is Evergale?

    Time and days please?
  11. I trying to finish stuff and the time right now isn't enough :(, if they just didn't delete the content, there wouldn't be an issue : /
  12. I was just asking a question :(, I appreciate those trying to respond to it.
  13. NPC selling limit before 6.2

    I agree, I saved a lot of supps and would like to sell them please, thanks!
  14. Our precious mail

    I need to know for *all* mail unopened or opened or other, please, thank you!
  15. @Cyan- seige times

    I could barely do sieges when daylights savings did not effect siege times, I could not do them when they decide the year to let it change them x.x
  16. White Pirate Costume?

    I know there is a black one for sale right now and if u you dye it white it is just grey, but daeva dash event as one of the runners, you were a white pirate, wanted to know if anyone knows if this is something that has been in the shop? Thanks!
  17. White Pirate Costume?

    How do those work exactly, I never had one?
  18. White Pirate Costume?

    Yes True White Dye and it turned a darker gray
  19. White Pirate Costume?

    Dying it turns it gray sadly *sigh* well thanks for the info! :3
  20. White Pirate Costume?

    Thanks for the response but outfit I speak of was something you were transformed into as one of the 4 runners which was white version of Shiver Me Timbers, I was just wondering if it exists as an actual outfit we can obtain, thanks!
  21. Padmarashka farming group - DN-E

    OOHhhh I was planning to try and make a group at least to experience the fight, I never got too so I would be interested in doing Pad.
  22. There will be a NA master server ?

    Technically they are the same land, Danaria is actually just lower Katalam, so both areas actually are Katalam.
  23. @Cyan there is still issues with old armor skins that has been an issue since 5.5 along with the quest names in IIuma being wrong when they were updated with more xp, will these issues be addressed? It has been awhile... : / thanks!

    This this crashes a lot for me after closing the game, has anyone had issues with this program doing that?
  25. Old Character Screen

    Yes I miss these and they were hands down far better and I miss the old login screens.