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  1. White Pirate Costume?

    Dying it turns it gray sadly *sigh* well thanks for the info! :3
  2. White Pirate Costume?

    Thanks for the response but outfit I speak of was something you were transformed into as one of the 4 runners which was white version of Shiver Me Timbers, I was just wondering if it exists as an actual outfit we can obtain, thanks!
  3. Padmarashka farming group - DN-E

    OOHhhh I was planning to try and make a group at least to experience the fight, I never got too so I would be interested in doing Pad.
  4. There will be a NA master server ?

    Technically they are the same land, Danaria is actually just lower Katalam, so both areas actually are Katalam.
  5. @Cyan there is still issues with old armor skins that has been an issue since 5.5 along with the quest names in IIuma being wrong when they were updated with more xp, will these issues be addressed? It has been awhile... : / thanks!

    This this crashes a lot for me after closing the game, has anyone had issues with this program doing that?
  7. Old Character Screen

    Yes I miss these and they were hands down far better and I miss the old login screens.
  8. Sunayaka

    O ok thanks for the info, sorry it was of no help.
  9. Sunayaka

    (For people who want the skin) If it is the same skin it was years ago, that existed first in Nute Warrens in Heiron from a rare chest spawn if you really want to farm it but you do need to be within level range for the chest to drop the loot. I think for this hat there is 2 chests with the big red chest being the one with the chance of a drop it. Regardless you must loot the chest when it spawns if is it not the correct chest because it is the only way to the get a chance of the correct chest to spawn. The timer is like 1 or 2 hours I think, it has been a long time and has several locations is pops up in when it does spawn but again, only 1 chest will spawn at a time. I know this is Elyos area but unless things have changed, you won't be kicked from the zone logging off, at least I was not when I farmed the wind spirit hat from the Asmo Mau area years ago. Hopes this helps! :3
  10. Logical and clean solution

    Group loot does not work, I been playing since the beginning of Aion and every time an event was group or alliance related, it was very very toxic and hostile. It has never worked out in any event. One of the things I did not see suggested yet is if stockpiling for 6.0 is going to be an issue, then do what they did for the Kumaki Cave where stuff like omegas has a timer on it to be used, this way people who need to catch can catch up and people still working their already good gear up can keep doing so. They could even offer at a higher price non time stuff for those who do not need to use it currently.
  11. Siege Timing

    Correction and addition to my above post, please make the weekday sieges the same time as the Sunday ones (I thought all sieges was an hour earlier now, wish they all were!) thanks!
  12. The issues I reported in the thread for the previous patch haven't been fixed along with the boss I reported to you in the separate thread after an attempt to fix the loot issue. Please refer to the previous patch thread for the issues I listed if you can. Thanks!
  13. Siege Timing

    Please keep the siege times as they are now but yes adjust the invasion times among other stuff, and don't make after siege.
  14. Is GP system broken?

    The old system was better to some extent that since your people cycled in and out of ranks a fair amount. We need some type of system that lets others have a fair shot to being able to use xform IMO. The GP system is terrible and has been since release since it almost doesn't cycle out anyone especially the very high ranks.
  15. Sturdy Kenovikan no longer spawns at all

    Update, this happened again this week also, no spawn. Also to add that since these changes the alert messages are mixed up, for us it says OUR boss is spawning (Tetran) rather than (Kenovikan). Asmos have the same issues but reversed, says (Kenovikan) will spawn rather than saying (Tetran), thank you
  16. Since maintenance this week the boss no longer spawns at all, just the carts, then nothing until time runs out, thank you.
  17. This cutscene I am told is suppose to play for you when you log in for the first time after 5.6 launch, it it never ever played, I did not even know it existed in the game until recently when I was told by someone. I would like to please have this fixed also specifically for me so I can enjoy it in game, thanks! Below is the cutscene but a Korean Version of it:
  18. Ok then it must be a bug because I have never ever seen this in game for myself and another person I asked and show this too also has never seen it, *sigh* thanks for the info.
  19. Log into BoS or into the game itself, because this was never ever played for me? And no one I've have talked to has seen this either.
  20. UI and localization Issues Reporting

    Skin Issue with Guards in Fissure of Obilvion: Before 5.6: https://imgur.com/a/vqeMc After: https://imgur.com/a/Q6deU PS There seems to be a lot more skins affected from what I have heard but I cannot report them all, I would suggest this issue actually be looked into, it seems to be only older skins, thank you.
  21. UI and localization Issues Reporting

    Quests do not have the Orignal name after 5.6, they went from something interesting to just Protect X place I do not know all the Original names but 5.6 Names Original Name Protect the Ancient Sanctum of Light Singing the Hymn of Aion Protect the Serene Forest of Spirits Protect Ariel's Rest Protect the Plateau of Zephyr Clearing the Airspace Protect the Red Mushroom Valley Protect the Five-colored Marsh Protect the Forest of Dormant Life Protect the Ancient Temple of Life Protect the Black Wind Valley Protect the Valley of the Lost Protect the Coast of the Light-Deprived
  22. UI and localization Issues Reporting

    Skin Issue with boots Skin before 5.6 https://imgur.com/a/rOwd9 After 5.6 https://imgur.com/a/m8YVv Skin items name https://imgur.com/a/De0ZS
  23. I was pretty sure last year was the 8th year.