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  1. I am looking for any information people can provide about the specific things you could do in the prison area for additional aid. I been trying to look but could not find stuff on everything, just bits and pieces like you need X item to help X prisoner and doing so my have Y effect or no effect and still counting as additional aid etc?

    Anything like the items needed, the name of the mini quests, effects it had etc. Anything anyone can remember be would of be great help! Thank you! :3

  2. On 5/25/2019 at 9:35 AM, Arhangelos-KT said:

    It was the Elyos lords' fault for allowing Balaur to get into the place, because they were naive to believe that they really wanted piece while the Balaur wanted to get in as a trojan and then attack form inside which is what happened.
    The Asmodian lords didn't believe in them and they didn't want to let them in. Eventually what the Asmodian side lords said, was correct, but the elyos side accused them that because they didn't believe in the truce, they insulted the balaur and this is what caused the balaur to attack, while the Asmodian side were like "hey you do not open the gate to our enemy hoping they will act good and see what you did now"... or something like that.

    Of course Elyos and Asmodian didn't exist back then, but I am referring to the lords that later were being worshiped by Elyos and Asmodians.

    In short:
    Elyos are liberals who want open borders ignoring the threat
    Asmodians are conservatives who want to build the wall.

    and boy is that lore a direct copy paste from ancient Greek mythology with gods, titans and humans? But then again the whole game is full of Greek names and terms.

    This is what we were lead to believe but in Archives of Eternity books it was shown that none of this about the Elyos or Asmodians was true. Neither side wanted peace with the Balaur, it came down to Israphel plan to kill the Balaur and whether to go with his plan or not ( though we already knew since 3.0 he just wanted to the sole leader, and we find out in AoE he was going to kill all the Lords both Balaur and the Asmodian/Elyos.). The Elyos want to go with the plan where the Asmodians did not. Both sides blamed each other for the plan failing but the real anger and hatred was shown towards you the 13th Lord, again this was shown in the books in AoE. They made sure to delete everything about you from history as if you never existed.  The Forgotten Nameless Hero in the Sanctum Library being a Child's Poem is actually about you and one of the few things that hinted at your existence. The Asmodian version actually speaks of Beritra as the Dragon Lord who corrupted your heart which lead you to the foolish decision that caused the Cataclysm.

    This possibly is what lead to the propaganda of Elyos wanting peace with the Balaur and the Asmodians wanting to continue war to hide the real truth and  to be able to continue to place blame on each other for the real failure of the plan.

  3. On 12/24/2018 at 8:08 PM, FredFlintstone-DN said:

    Can we add this one to the list?  Quest NPC mob will follow an enemy player forever....  These NPC should not agro or chase after players.  If you are trying to turn in a Gen Crystal quest, the NPC should stay in the camp.

    I reported a specific NPC but I am coming to see that it is more then just 1 NPC that won't go back to their spot after deaggro, the NPC just needs to walk back to their spot like they normally should or respawn depending on the situation.

  4. 7 hours ago, Tarte-DN said:

    Skins were lost in last patch too. In 5.x, when purifying your ap or harvester gear, it caused the skin to remove. And in other previous patches as well, the IS gear hyperions would also remove the skin when purified.

    Since most of the time we are with these ugly transformation skins covering the skin with our armor, I don’t see the reason why you should waste skins on ancient gear. Just skin it once its ultimate or keep it for 7.0 or wait till an event gives out skins.

    It’s sad that you can’t craft the Luna skins anymore so it wouldn’t be a problem to skin ancient gear (if there was that option. ) I really hope they bring back the skins in Luna since the one PVE enchantment stone doesn’t really help me since it’ll fail anyways. Only thing good in there is maybe the Kinah bundle since you could get from 1-100m kinah, but the rest feel like a waste of mats. No permanent mounts either.

    The only skin that I personally use over my ancient gear, is the one that drops from any instance or any open world grinding (I believe they’re called Ebonscale.) They almost look like the IO skins which are not too bad and are at least better in appearance than most of the other gears. And I’ll just wait till all my gear is ultimate or till 7.0 when I purify to use the skins I have saved.

    you can also obtain the old DD skins through PF and IDD, they’re called Ancient Obsidian. But that will take more time to get.


    6 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    Exactly! I'm almost out of wardrobe spots. If they're going to limit us like this, then give us more spots. (Hey, it's more money for them since we have to pay Luna to open the spots.) It's pretty silly to have so few spots.

    I know it isn't a new thing but before I could go get the skins I needed again, now they are gone and luna doesn't work with used skins so even that can't help. I already thought about saving the skins until I got that ultimate piece of gear but then I found out that you purify that gear in 7.0 which ruined that plan. : /

  5. I would really like to see this please since most skins you cannot get anymore (and I don't mean store skins, but in game skins) unless they literally put every skin deleted somewhere in the game or shop. For me the skins I am currently using and want to continue to use  I have no option to save them, not even luna since there isn't enough room for 2 sets of full gear and you need the original skin to even register it.

    Also since we need to purify gear several times and I hear in 7.0 you also purify you 6.x gear, it would also be a big help not having to worry about the skins you want to use, thank you!

  6. 18 hours ago, Amarah-KT said:

    Found 6 hanging out together in the top of the cliffs in Dormant Levinshor.  Not able to break away from the Windstream to get to them and watched several other people try as well.   Shugos are hanging out laughing at the daevas!  Nyerk!!


    They are piling up in the trees too, there is 3 of them between together up in a pair of trees. It is like that secret tree hideout with the roll up ladder!

  7. 9 hours ago, cruucruu-DN said:

    Ncsoft is just trying to teach us how to mountain climb again guys :/

    One shugo did teach me the rock it spawned on was climbable but it was tricky to do so but I thought at the time that it had to be some how if he was on there, apparently that was not case when I ran across the one in the trees : P

  8. ...the 1 time only thing lifted for these and/or luna needs to at least let us register skins that have already been used since we do not have access please. I have old wings that existed long before the 1 time only thing and apparently that changed effected them (even though it left other items untouched) so now I am trying use them again with the same outfit which I pieced together myself and these wings are what matched it and I have no access to get another pair. Please help! : (

  9. 6 hours ago, Cyan said:

    I just wanted to jump in here quickly again and say thanks for the continued feedback. Today's patch isn't all that we've been discussing with the development team. We will be changing the Shards price in the Golden Sand Trader and we're discussing lots more with the development team and here internally. This includes everything from PvP enchantment stone availability, Transparent Transformation Scroll availability, mounts, and more. Due to the US holiday next week there likely won't be much of an update but keep sharing your thoughts. 

    Thank you Cyan! : 3

  10. Home Away From Home (Elyos Quest)

    The quest dialogue below mentions Lady Lumiel which it should be Lady Yustiel since it is an Elyos quest mentioning her in a good way:


    "Secondly, keep things friendly with the Jotun. The Jotun in Lakrum are on a sacred quest from Aion. Lady Lumiel herself has proclaimed them to be special."