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  1. On 8/21/2019 at 5:07 PM, Euphoria-DN said:

    Yes supervisor Shuratna, he is still in there well pre 7.0 you can still glide to his room but he doesn't do the circle of damage on the ground.

    Golmir was very nasty we used to have the melee wind xform to help with him. He had an up close move that would nearly 1hit ppl that aren't super geared. He would send the fire spirits out small ones in a pack and a large one that would follow someone and would explode and kill everyone if it weren't killed fast. His other special attack was he would cast on a target and it area hit anyone within 3 or 5 meters of his selected target.


    Did Shuratna having anyone in his room either Balaur and/or prisoners and was he doing anything specific or just walked around/stood there?

    Did Golmir do some type of pull ability also?

    And with Opel, was the difference between the 3 difficulties?  Thanks again so much!

  2. Please can the global announcement of people looting Ultimate Stones from the event chests be turned off? It has constantly been in the middle of my screen of someone looting a stone sometimes even up to 3 announcements at once : ( , thank you! :3

  3. On Tuesday, the day before this maintenance, the item you need to collect for the quest * [Weekly/Gather] Toxicity Energy Lingering in Atreia * it was called originally (Toxicity Measurement Report) but now after maintenance its called the (Freezing Document Report) which is not the correct name, the original was correct. This is part of the Pandora Quest line so I am not sure why this was changed as it is pre 7.0 content, thank you! :3

  4. On 7/27/2019 at 11:38 PM, Euphoria-DN said:

    For 3 you have to get the key from some other hero mob to unlock the lift then you take it up and kill a mob guarding the npc then you have to escort him to the lift but balaur will spawn. This aide added to a weapon chance and 2 weapon aides - normal mode. Doing this aide also makes the klaw boss defend the npc part where you have to kill the bugs harder as there will be balaur spawning along with the klaws during that boss

    For 4 yes it spawns hard mode 1st boss which is really tough. The chains make killing Kudansha much easier otherwise you get hero adds and u have to focus burn boss fast then rush to the glide spot to reset these crazy adds. The actual main 1st boss wont have the add but is crazy hard now he AoE stuns often.

    For 8 you get the necklace from npc in the cave with the boss that puts the aoe circles on the ground then you have to back out make a right and there is a npc being tortured in a room close by you talk to him with the necklace in your inventory and it becomes an escort mission.

    For 9 Golmir. If you give him the jewel you won't fight him later and it counts as an aide. If you find it and hang onto it you get to fight him and he used to drop Hat or shoulders. There was a trick to find the orb as you only have 5 minutes to locate it after talking to Golmir and that's simply do /where magic orb

    For 10 its a health pot for a badly wounded npc . Its the 2nd easiest mission after a voice calling for help.

    For 12 you have to kill a hero mob ( I forgot the name starts with an S) in a locked jail cell to reach him you have to glide from the pathway that's broken and leads nowhere which is directly across from the cave with the mob (Sahidtan) that drops one of the bombs for generators and puts the ae damage rings on the ground (where the necklace and heart mission npcs are to start). So you glide from the platform that leads nowhere and land on the edge and it allows you into the back of the cell  on floor 2. There is a narrow torture room with the mob inside who much like the cave mob puts rings of damage on the ground but you have far less space to navigate after you kill him there is a lever that opens the floor back to floor 2 prison and this mission adds to weapon aide. This mission was rarely ever done but the mob is still in bos even now and you can do it much like the armor and weapon box chests but I don't think it affects anything in the instance so go try it. They also split the weapon box from where it was with the armor and moved it to where the heart mob mission used to be which led me to think if they went to this much trouble maybe it does something but no idea

    Thanks so much this is a ton of good information! :3 Is the mob Shurtana you are taking about? I saw an prisoner mention that name and found a mission called < Killing Supervisor Shuratna >.

    Do you know what Golimir did for attacks and what the hardest mode of Opel also did? Thanks! 

  5. On 7/15/2019 at 4:17 PM, Vantheria-DN said:

    Yikes, my memory is going in my old age! Let's see, additional things beyond just freeing the prisoners...

    So for Golmir, you had to go steal the orb. (That's why he's upset and yelling, "Give it back!" lol) The orb could be located in a few different places throughout the first part of the instance. If you didn't loot this orb, then Golmir would not be on the pathway before the bug boss. Golmir would give you another piece of Harvester loot and was the only boss that had a chance to drop the hat.

    Then another thing we did back then was kill the Harvester Weapon/Armor Boxes. When you are at the top of the stairs and you glide over to do the elevator boss, right when you land from the glide (before you turn left to go up the elevator), there are two Weapon/Armor boxes that you would destroy (with attacks, not right-clicking). This was supposed to give you a higher chance at a weapon at the end of the instance.

    There was a necklace you could go find, too. My groups rarely did that though (only when we messed up something else), so I can't remember much about it.

    There was a potion you could collect from one of the rooms (random location) on the 2nd floor. You then took this potion to the NPC on the racks in room to the left of one of the chambers on floor 2 -- the room that sometimes has a chamber key mob in it now and is on the way when you're running to the room with the generators/first boss.

    The boss that is on the pathway after you finish floor 4 and are running to floor 3 -- he will explode and one-shot you if you don't kill him in a short time, think his name starts with a K, but can't remember what it is -- was an optional boss back then. I was never in a group that killed him because he was tough and the reward wasn't worth the effort. So I can't say too much on him.

    Hopefully I can help jog your memory and anyone elses!

    There was 12 additional aids which showed as *additional missions* which I trying to find out the names of these, what you needed to do, any of the npcs name, the item names, the story related stuff on what it is being done, any additional effects such as spawning bosses/triggering hard mode etc., anything else!

    1. < A Voice Calling for Help>  (I think you just got the key at the start and open the first prison area which released Isosis)

    2. <Rescue The Daevas From The Room Of Rehibilitation>  (Koninus gives this quest and you need some oil, not sure where it is at, it is to lower the Daevas that are being hanged)

    3. < Attack Of The Harvesters> (You rescue Soraun from the Lift Of Enlightment, I need more info on this though)

    4. (dont't know mission name) A Davea asks you to kill Kudansha and bring his Heart for torturing his son to death, you need to get the chains to weaken him before killing him, this triggers hard mode first boss I think also?

    5. (dont't know mission name) Rescue the Spirits from the prison cell by breaking it open

    6. (dont't know mission name) You break the Armory Boxes

    7. (dont't know mission name) You break the Weapon Racks

    8. (dont't know mission name) You got Necklace from a Daeva who you gave to his friend to free them I think, you do this because the friend doesn't trust anyone but the daeva with the necklace

    9. (dont't know mission name) Golmir asks for his Jewel? Do you give him this Jewel or simply find it? (spawns an extra boss, don't know what skill he uses)

    10. (dont't know mission name) You get a serum for a Davea and I think it frees them? Not sure the story behind this

    11. (dont't know mission name) You break Meditation Chamber Panel

    12. ???      (I don't think I know what the 12th one is so please look at this list and perhaps it might help jog a memory out :3 )

  6. I am looking for any information people can provide about the specific things you could do in the prison area for additional aid. I been trying to look but could not find stuff on everything, just bits and pieces like you need X item to help X prisoner and doing so my have Y effect or no effect and still counting as additional aid etc?

    Anything like the items needed, the name of the mini quests, effects it had etc. Anything anyone can remember be would of be great help! Thank you! :3

  7. On 5/25/2019 at 9:35 AM, Arhangelos-KT said:

    It was the Elyos lords' fault for allowing Balaur to get into the place, because they were naive to believe that they really wanted piece while the Balaur wanted to get in as a trojan and then attack form inside which is what happened.
    The Asmodian lords didn't believe in them and they didn't want to let them in. Eventually what the Asmodian side lords said, was correct, but the elyos side accused them that because they didn't believe in the truce, they insulted the balaur and this is what caused the balaur to attack, while the Asmodian side were like "hey you do not open the gate to our enemy hoping they will act good and see what you did now"... or something like that.

    Of course Elyos and Asmodian didn't exist back then, but I am referring to the lords that later were being worshiped by Elyos and Asmodians.

    In short:
    Elyos are liberals who want open borders ignoring the threat
    Asmodians are conservatives who want to build the wall.

    and boy is that lore a direct copy paste from ancient Greek mythology with gods, titans and humans? But then again the whole game is full of Greek names and terms.

    This is what we were lead to believe but in Archives of Eternity books it was shown that none of this about the Elyos or Asmodians was true. Neither side wanted peace with the Balaur, it came down to Israphel plan to kill the Balaur and whether to go with his plan or not ( though we already knew since 3.0 he just wanted to the sole leader, and we find out in AoE he was going to kill all the Lords both Balaur and the Asmodian/Elyos.). The Elyos want to go with the plan where the Asmodians did not. Both sides blamed each other for the plan failing but the real anger and hatred was shown towards you the 13th Lord, again this was shown in the books in AoE. They made sure to delete everything about you from history as if you never existed.  The Forgotten Nameless Hero in the Sanctum Library being a Child's Poem is actually about you and one of the few things that hinted at your existence. The Asmodian version actually speaks of Beritra as the Dragon Lord who corrupted your heart which lead you to the foolish decision that caused the Cataclysm.

    This possibly is what lead to the propaganda of Elyos wanting peace with the Balaur and the Asmodians wanting to continue war to hide the real truth and  to be able to continue to place blame on each other for the real failure of the plan.

  8. On 12/24/2018 at 8:08 PM, FredFlintstone-DN said:

    Can we add this one to the list?  Quest NPC mob will follow an enemy player forever....  These NPC should not agro or chase after players.  If you are trying to turn in a Gen Crystal quest, the NPC should stay in the camp.

    I reported a specific NPC but I am coming to see that it is more then just 1 NPC that won't go back to their spot after deaggro, the NPC just needs to walk back to their spot like they normally should or respawn depending on the situation.