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  1. nah, it will just disenchant … but you will have a chance of the item doing something like : enchant +2 to [+3 +4] so this means that you have the chance of going from +2 to +4 off one stone. which is kind of cool if you think about it since the items don't break. and the rates... hmm .. im not 100 % sure if they are " better" per say .. but im still trying to figure it out lol lol
  2. Thank you all for the help! Let's keep this going. I love the information education! It's great!
  3. ALY said it best. Yes you will get your face smashed in a few times over and over but thays legit expected. Just roll with a few people , look like you mean business and then keep your tactics sharp and you'll be okay! Just focus on your toon now and the changes that have come about and then focus on everything else. I mean easier said than done but it's what I'm slowly doing
  4. About the soul healer thing, I feel you on that. its crazy how strong these MOBS TRULEE < see what I did there :::: ARE. we get to witness a HUGE power gain in PVE on the MOBS side of things. That would explain the gear shift. gear is another story , for another topic, for another time haha. Anyway … I was lvl 72 when the world ended and I went from 72 to 75 in about an hour lol then the next day I went from 75 to 79 in about 3 hours ( I was just nyerking around a while) and then I got lvl 80 the following morning. so yeah , a little under 5 hours doing Yellow and
  5. I understand that … I feel like Lakrum is a combination of what Illuma & Norsvold use to be .. haha but I mean , don't nyerk Ereshkigal off! lol as far as the " colors" go … my screen is just fine . lol I like the open world aspect ! its a great combination of pvpve I really love that actually! The <Leader> elites are like .. what PRIMORDIALS use to be! innit? idk .. hahaha but yeah Lakrum is for sure a step in the right direction lol. I guess its honestly based more off the lore ? im not sure . but that could be why it is the way it is. w
  6. okay cool. still more details to hammer out I guess. over all it sounds decent, basically what I would have expected lol thanks for sharing
  7. Hey people! I haven't had the chance to experience the amazingness of the 6.0 patch yet. im having XIGNCODE issues. currently working to get them fixed. lol but I wanted to know how the PvE in 6.0 is? how does it differ from 5.0 as far as level progression what are some of the perks , what are some of the setbacks?
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