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  1. I always liked these Aion motion, why NCWEST removed why?
  2. NcWest as always detonating the Players! https://i.ibb.co/dgxtpfk/01.jpg
  3. to this day it is hard to believe that the EUROPEAN has become a more organized and sincere administration than that of NA. NA = $$ EU = Player + Progress + $$
  4. Why did you remove the Voice of Music from login? AFF!!! https://i.ibb.co/KzGtPcG/unknown.png
  5. We Want a Master Server 2.5! with the classes of the new versions = KR https://youtu.be/VuYxcnZjvEE
  6. Patch 4.0 is nice! because Discordant balanced set. already this new version, these set pvp are horrible for beginner imbalance. The best pvp starter set was 4.0 "Discordant".
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