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  1. I'm loving the patch. It is really good to see the maps alive again, and the game finally feels rewarding! There is finally an incentive, other than to gank on other players, to be in the open world. The hidden monsters are stimulating to be on the lookout constantly, you do not want to miss the loot. The Reshta legion is pretty fun too, not to mention you get to board their Dredgion and kill the cap for nice rewards. Not 100%, but nothing is. The special rifts where you get to fight even your legionmates for up to 90m kinah and other things is a lot of fun. Now, "splitted maps" is
  2. Have you tried crafting the Mysterious Material Box that is available for 16 luna? I read somewhere that the majority of everything we used to have was moved under the Mysterious Material Box. At least that explains all the skins that the broker has. I tried it 2 times, and all i got was junk, maybe with enough tries there is a chance of obtaining something valuable.
  3. Physical classes need m.acc for their root/bind/silence/aetherbind,sleep/other CCs. Rangers' sleep arrow, for example, works off of m.acc. Also in the past, you needed m.acc for stuns and such, not sure about now. So, I suppose, with the MR set you will be invincible to CC. However, the MR number should be as high as possible. There is a video on YT, about 6.0 formulas and what not, explaining the numbers behind mr/evasion chances.
  4. You're good, really good. Always staying on top of your enemy and pressuring them. However, I don't believe you only have BM +6/10. It must be Dark Talon +15 at the very least Also, what is that red buff in the top middle panel 2nd from the left on the second row, next to the Skill 5 chain? And why are you using Ferocious Earthquake instead of Ferocious Leap? The leap has twice the dmg and half the cooldown. The Earthquake is only good if you have the improved version which pulls also the enemy.
  5. My two cents on the matter: Try not to get first hit on those 4 little "eyes" that spawn when the boss gets a shield on and "THE FLOOR IS LAVA". In my experience, that is the very reason you may be one-shot. I did that boss on my sorc lvl 70 with only 13k HP wearing full AoE set +0, and I didnt die at all. PvE defense is not important either. The Harvester's set, which is the best of the best, only give about 16-18% pve defense. So, instead of getting hit for 10k, the damage will be reduced to 8200ish. Wich may seem like a lot, but really isnt. As for the enmity reducti
  6. If you want those stats for PvP, then I would suggest getting a Boundless 80/83 weapon for mainhand, since it is as good/better than Frigida. That alone will yield a huge boost to your attack. Also, if you want to make the best out of manastones, then don't bother with +7s. They are mediocre at best. Instead, go for +9s. They are the "bang for the buck" type of deal. Also, when you begin noticing that a Power+9 only yields 6-5 attack increase, then opt for regular attack +5/composites. That's the only way I see of getting the stats you're looking for, unless someone else has a different o
  7. First of all, make sure all your armor, main hand weapon, and wings are enchanted to +15 or beyond. This will maximize your attack. You want the best weapon available. The one from Bastion of Souls or Sophisticated Frigida Legion will do. You will also want the Pure Attack/Crit Plume+5 or higher for additional 59 attack and 75ish crit. The higher the enchant - the more crit you get. Use Archdaeva gear to slot in Precision stones until you reach desirable crit amount, idealy +9s or better, so you don't waste many slots for that. Socket the rest of the slots with power +8-9s or +10s if
  8. I will assume that those numbers come from a dummy in Sanctum, or any other major cities? Pretty good, but certainly not the highest or the best.
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