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  1. Thx for your repply! Not returning then. Transforms killed AION for us (me and friends).
  2. Me and some friends are considering returning to AION, but, as per post title, is transformation scrolls still a thing in AION?
  3. Actually, this is true. I decided to make an experiment. I leveled one asmodian and one elyos to 80 and proceeded to play on Lakrum. Every time I ran into a fight and needed/shouted for help. One or two asmodians came to help while in the elyos side, there were 4-5 times I was fighting against 2 asmodians and 2-3 elyos would simply avoid the fight because they're were too busy with their stuff. This behavior is what makes one faction strong and the other weak. Asmodians always had this teamwork spirit. IDK why, but since the beginning, asmos were more united.
  4. If this does not change in a while, I might go back to WoW. For 10$ a month you can: -PvP unrestricted -Tons of dungeons with -Tons of raids -millions of players I just don't get why AION is so restrictive. Why so punitive to players? Why it has to be like this? If AION was a monthly fee game lets say 10-15 bucks a month with not restrictions on dungeons entries, dredgions, arenas, I would gladly pay for it. Copy WoW model regarding this kind of stuff and see the game prosper. Keep being a nyerking greed company with a P2W model and see this game loosi
  5. They could bring back removed areas back on future paths. Bring em back all in ruins, adjust lore and make em pvp areas like Lakrum as well. Would be a very good thing to do because the way it is now, it is just (Go get 80 fast to get pissed off fast and spend some $$$$$ on CS and repeat the process).
  6. This is the main problem with NCsoft west. They don't even wast a minute to post something regarding what they're customers are saying/complaining in the forums here or other MMO related forums on the web because they can't do shit. They need to swallow what NCKR stuff on their throat and wait for their next big change to bring it here for us. The way I see it, we will have to handle the game as it is now until something happens in Korea that will make them: Close servers cause game is dead or change stuff in a way they can save the game. And for those who think a game can't be dea
  7. It wasn't a last minute decision. They new from beginning but they needed to make the most profit possible from the pre patch event that was going on. They knew if they announced a new server, lot of ppl wouldn't participate in the event that involved spending real money to enchant your stuff for the new patch gear conversions and would start a new character on this new server instead. In what world are you living cause the minute they said a new server was coming up I knew that it is all about cash grab now. So I won't spend a dime on anything here until the game dies or NC Soft learns how to
  8. I use McAfee Antivirus but the problem wasn't related to firewall or anything like that. The XINGCODE3 Cannot Regist was happening because the xingcode3 itself wasn't being able to write on drive C:\ where Aion is installed considering of course the entire path. C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\Aion in my case. With the procedure above, XINGCODE3 was able to write and run smooth. Regarding the Windows Defender, I wouldn't recommend disabling security options. Are you sure it was a Windows Defender fault preventing XINGCODE3 of running?
  9. Well, tyvm for your reply. I really thought it was a bug.
  10. There is a bug happening now that prevents new characters of selling items to vendors/or through inventory option returning a message that you can obtain 0 kinah this week. Doesn't matter if it is a new character on a new account that never sold anything. It locks you and prevent you from selling.
  11. Thank you for your reply. Cool. I really did not know that there were difference when selling in vendors, pets or inventory.
  12. Ok, but why it would restrict the kinah on a new char, that never sold anything?. The only char on the account to be honest. Makes absolutely no sense... Another thing is, why this would be implemented if Kinah is untradable?
  13. It is not bypassing. It is allowing the program to write on your C:\ The error happens when xing can't write to your C:\ for some OS restrictions. It does not alter anything. Also the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE part, it will create again the xhunter1 that you delete when you run the game again. Nothing here is bypassing. The xingcode3 will run perfectly. @Cyan can and should verify that it is not any kind of program bypass but simply allowing the program to write on a folder/driver it is not allowed for some reason.
  14. Anyone knows exactly how much Kinah one can obtain through selling stuff to the NPCS? I made a new char and tried to sell and it says I can obtain 0 amount, but I did not sell anything yet... Is that a bug? Thank you.
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