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  1. From what I see, no update on why people didn't get the ultimate transforms. Congratulations on taking(stealing?) people's money and making us mad.
  2. "Complain when you don't receive it by the 9th"? Read before replying
  3. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Hmm that might be fake. From what I see on my char., scarlet accessories are always shining
  4. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Not trying to defend the guy, yet you do. It's just one item? No problem if they take it away then. Play it smart? Smart is the wrong word to use. More like trashy or something.
  5. I don't wear different skins cause I know it would be lost. Unlimited luna wardrobe for the win
  6. As a sorcerer, MA or HP?

    Appreciate your advice, thank you
  7. As a sorcerer, MA or HP?

    Hello~ So I'm wondering, how much MR can clerics get? I just hate the thought of ever resisting and replacing MA for HP.
  8. Skins on bcm

    So much potential..
  9. Don't sell Parasol Twirl to trade it

    Yeah I'm kind of to blame for it but its on Aion cause they made it untradeable. For me to trade something to someone... I have to use legion wearhouse..? Plus you don't even think about that, can you even? And I have to sell something expensive and lose some kinah to trade it to someone so it doesn't get bought? When making money in this game is hard? It's just stupid
  10. I sold it to trade it cause some genius developer or marketer thought its a good idea to make it untradeable, and when I did that two times at different moments, they got bought out instantly. Someone is camping it and NC support won't refund it. Unless you sell expensive to trade it. Also I'm guessing if you see someone selling a lot of Parasol Twirl, they were the one camping it.
  11. Ncoin/Black cloud coin delay

    Hello. Before when I use to get NCoin, I would get it in 30 seconds to 2 minutes. If there was a delay, like 4 hours. Now we have to wait 12 hours? Even cellphone games are faster, they take 10-30 seconds. Can you guys fix this please? It's honestly embarrassing.
  12. Sin nerf

    Hi. I understand it's "hard" to play Sin apparently but even if they're, they shouldn't be so powerful. They have fastest or second fastest movement, multiple leaps AND invisible skills, 5(?) envasion/resist, can't resist their aetherhold, and fastest attack speed WITH highest dps WITH no cast... why? Class needs nerf